Why 5G means big advances for movies

Find out how 5G will put you in the action...

01 May 2020

Britain is a nation of movie lovers, but the way we’re watching films is changing. Once upon a time, if you wanted to catch a movie, you’d head to the cinema. And while there’s nothing quite like the big screen experience; we’re watching more content on our phones than ever.

The amazing leaps in picture quality possible with 4K and 8K TVs and home entertainment means we get to enjoy more of the big screen experience at home. But we’re also watching movies on the move – so we’re as likely to stream a trailer for the latest must-see flick on our mobiles as we are at home.

And as 5G because our go-to network, we can expect more seamless streaming wherever we are. But 5G doesn’t stop there. In fact, 5G could be transforming films in ways you never expect.


Tech that puts you in the movie

Whether it’s a clearer picture, surround sound or the humble beginnings of VR, movie makers have always sought to make their films more immersive experience. And, according to a report by Accenture, 5G takes that forward.

Because of its high speed, seamless extended reality, holograms and heightened VR are just some of the tricks that we might start to see worked into the big summer blockbusters. We’ve had a taste of this already – albeit in the form of movie-related content.

Because of its low latency, Sony were able to harness 5G to create a Spider-Man Far From Home multiplayer VR app. This let players take on each other, web slinging their way across the Manhattan skyline.

And it doesn’t end there. Looking forward, scan and capture technology could even render your likeness into a movie – so you could be the big action star. Sort of.


More interactivity

The power of 5G can also be a big part of real-time rendering. Combine this with interactive AI, and characters could be created in real-time that would be able to interact with audience members. Further breaking down the barriers between movie and movie goer. Think Last Action Hero, but good.

This may sound like some way off, but in the meantime movie lovers will see the benefits of 5G much closer to home…


Get movies faster

Planning a movie night at home? Because 5G could be as much as 100 times faster than 4G, you could get your hands on that movie faster. Those in the know say this could mean downloading a two-hour movie in seconds!

And how about streaming? That’s likely to be transformed too. Ten times the latency, 100 times the network capacity and a far more reliable connection means that our buffering days are over!


Better quality movies

And while we’re streaming more movies, a big turn off can be when the quality of what you watch is affected by slow speeds. 5G looks set to change all that. Since faster speeds and a more seamless connection is what 5G is all about, it means the ability to stream much better-quality video. So, whether you’re watching on a TV or your mobile, you’ll get to see what the movie maker intended.


Improved battery life

And with great speed comes great power. The advent of 5G will actually increase device battery life. Thanks to increased speed and lower latency, your mobile will use less power to do the same job. All this means you’ll be able to watch your movies on the go. And a lot more of them too!

So, whether you’re hoping to appear in your own movie or you just want to get your hands on the latest flick, film lovers look set to benefit from the 5G roll out.

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