Why should I get an air purifier?

There are more pollutants in our homes than you might think…

15 Jun 2020

There’s an obvious reason why air purifiers have taken off recently. We’re all a bit more concerned about the quality of the air we breath at the moment! So, it’s not surprising that Dyson have added air purifiers to their range of fans.

But their usefulness actually goes beyond current events. Pandemic aside, there’s often 2-5 times more pollutants inside our home than out of it. And with the majority of us spending our time at home, it’s worth showing some TLC to our lungs.


How does an air purifier work?

The best air purifiers work by using a HEPA (or High Efficiency Particulate Arrestor) filter. This type of purifier has a fan which sucks the air around us into the filter, which traps any nasty particles. In fact, it can remove up to 99.9% of impurities- not bad!


What’s an air purifier good for?

Aside from the obvious ‘purifying air’, there are quite a few unexpected bonuses…


If you’re pregnant or have children…

We all know that little lungs are more sensitive than our own. Even though those tiny toxic particles can take a long time to have any effect, the longer we’re exposed to them the more likely we are to get problems later on. So getting an air purifier can help your kids stay healthy and happy for longer.


If you’re a smoker…

An air purifier can be a real help with second-hand smoke. Even when you open a window or the room looks smoke free, there are still lots of invisible particles that linger long past your last ciggy. A purifier will snap up those pollutants so you’re not doing further damage.


If you have allergies…

This has been a bumper year for hay fever. And we could all do with a little relief! An air purifier picks up pollen particles too. That means less summertime sniffles. It even makes it less likely you’ll develop hay fever if you don’t have it already.

And there are other allergies it can help with too. If you’ve got an allergy to dust mites, mould or pet hair, a purifier can ease that as well.


If you have asthma…

This goes for most other respiratory illnesses too. When there are less pollutants in the air you breath, there’s less stuff to irritate your lungs. All those tiny bits of dust that build up and make you feel a bit tight in the chest – they’re replaced by clean air. Much kinder to your lungs!


If you have pets (or other smells) …

We’ve already mentioned how air purifiers can help with allergies. But it can help with odour too. Nobody wants their house smelling like wet dog. And we can all get a bit ‘nose blind’ when we’re living with our animals every day.

An air purifier can filter out those less-than-fresh smells. Whether that’s from your pets or maybe even that fish pie you made on Friday.


If you have trouble sleeping…

This one might be a bit left-field. But an air purifier can make a fantastic white noise machine. You might want to block out early morning birdsong. Or maybe you just find low, quiet background noise soothing.

Your bedroom is already a great place to have an air purifier- since we’re spending about 8 hrs in their anyway! But a purifier can also help you sleep, as well as breath, easy.

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