Why the CORSAIR Ironclaw Wireless Mouse is perfect for serious gamers

A 50-hour battery & 18,000 DPI sensor makes this gaming mouse a titan when the competition heats up…

27 Sep 2019

Whether you favour vast open-world explorations, adrenaline-fuelled FPS battles or tense stealth games, the right gaming mouse can be the key to victory. Here’s why we think the CORSAIR Ironclaw RGB Wireless mouse could help you step up your game.


Comfort when it counts

Let’s face it, if your gaming sessions last long into the evening, a standard mouse just won’t cut it. The CORSAIR Ironclaw is designed for those marathon quests that you just can’t quit. Its contoured shape, palm-grips and rubber sides mean it stays comfy throughout the game, so you’re as focused and precise in the final level as the first.


Powerfully precise

While we’re talking about precision, it’d be crazy not to mention the CORSAIR Ironclaw’s optical sensor. It’s got a native DPI of 18,000 for pixel-perfect tracking, compared to standard mice that mostly range around 1000 to 3200. Whether you’re zeroing in on the opposition or just exploring the world around you, each movement feels responsive and accurate.

And if you’re switching it up with a different game, you can adjust the sensitivity 1 DPI at a time to suit the way you play. Easy.


A battery that lasts

Don’t be put off by the wireless connection. You won’t be caught out by a dead battery in the middle of the firefight, and you certainly won’t have to wait around for your character to do something when you clicked ages ago. The CORSAIR Ironclaw’s battery lasts for up to 50 hours on a single charge, so you can see the game through to the very end without reaching for the cable. And just because it’s wireless, doesn’t mean you’re losing out on reaction time. With CORSAIR's Slipstream Wireless Technology, the Ironclaw offers less than 1 millisecond of latency, so you won’t notice the difference with or without the wire.


Ten fully programmable buttons

Tired of constantly switching between your mouse and the keyboard? Well, the Ironclaw's ten customisable buttons put a multitude of actions at your fingertips. Program the buttons to your most used actions, like switching weapons, bringing up the map, or any other command you’d want. And with its sophisticated macro programming, you’ll have the ability to program multiple actions to a single button for faster, more efficient gameplay. It’s a great way to shave crucial time off your reactions and turn yourself into a formidable competitor. On top of all that, on-board storage means it’ll remember your personal settings when you take your setup round to a mate’s.


Customisable RGB lighting

It wouldn’t be a proper gaming mouse if you couldn’t switch up the lighting, would it? Well, this one has customisable multi-colour lighting in three different zones, and you can change the effects to match the rest of your gaming rig. It might not improve your game, but it definitely looks the part.


Check out the CORSAIR Ironclaw RGB Wireless Optical Mouse

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