Why won't my fridge door stay closed?

If your fridge or freezer door just won't stay closed, check out our top tips for fixing it...

11 Jun 2021

A fridge needs to have a sealed environment to keep cool, and keeping the door closed is the best way to make sure your fridge doesn't use up more energy staying cold. An open or unsealed door can cause your fridge to work too hard, and that can make it very noisy - as well as raising the temperature of your chilled foods.

So, here's our guide to keeping your food fresh and chilled...

working fridge

Tips on keeping your fridge door shut

  1. Make sure nothing inside the fridge is pushing the door open. Large plastic bottles are often a culprit here, especially when the fridge is very full.
  2. Remove any heavy items stored in the door of the fridge. If the door now works it could be a symptom of some of the problems below.
  3. Check the rubber door seal (gasket). It needs to be well attached and smooth all around the edge of the door and frame. If it’s loose or looks twisted you may be able to move it back into place for the short term, but it should be replaced.
  4. If the door seal looks fine but the door doesn’t seal shut and drifts open, the gasket may have become de-magnetised. You will either need to get the seal re-magnetised or replace it.
  5. If the door won’t fully close something may be obstructing the hinges. Check that no debris is blocking them or that the plastic spacers are not worn or deformed.
  6. Should the door look like it’s not hanging properly the hinges may have come out of alignment or have worn down. These can be adjusted or replaced so the door sits properly again.
  7. Check the hinge pins to see if they wobble or move when the door opens and closes. If they do, they may need adjustment or replacing.
  8. Check that your appliance is balanced correctly. Use a spirit level and then adjust the feet if it is not level. The fridge should be slightly lower at the back compared to the front.

What's in the fridge?

Most of these repairs are not too difficult or costly. Your user guide will give you details of any adjustments you can make yourself safely and without damaging your warranty, but if in any doubt consult a specialist.

We always recommend checking the manufacturer’s manual for specific details.

If you’ve tried everything above but still can’t get the door to stay closed, why not contact our experts? – we’d be happy to take a look.

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