Why you need a pyrolytic oven

Got people round for a summer gathering? Don’t worry about scrubbing the oven afterwards – here’s the perfect solution.

21 May 2019

If you’re hosting garden parties and get-togethers this summer, that’ll mean filling your oven with delicious meals and tasty party food to keep the gathered hordes satisfied.

But while you’re plying your guests with delicious roasted meats, bubbling bakes or yummy but messy party food, it’s hard not to think of the mess it’ll be making of your oven.

You know that later when everyone’s gone home, it’ll be up to you to clean it all up. Talk about taking the enjoyment out of a fun-packed day in the sun with your friends and family.

We’ve got our violins out for you.

But hang on. It seems we can put those violins away. It turns out there’s actually no need for all that scrubbing after all. What is this miracle, we hear you ask? What possible explanation could there be for a world without back-breaking oven-cleaning?

Two words – pyrolytic ovens.

Two words that’ll change your life. If you think that sounds a little dramatic, take it from us – it’s not.


What is a pyrolytic oven?

Pyrolytic ovens are self-cleaning, so you don’t need any chemical cleaning products. It's just a case of pressing start and letting your oven heat up to 480°C – depending on how much mess there is to get rid of.

The oven literally burns away any grease or food residue, then all you have to do at the end is wipe away the ash. Just think how much time you’ll save!

Here are a couple of pyrolytic ovens that could be right up your street.


Bosch Serie 8 Electric Smart Oven

As well as saving you time cleaning the oven, this Bosch oven has plenty else going for it:

Bosch Serie 8 Electric Oven

  • PerfectBake Sensor and PerfectRoast thermometer: the easy way to perfect baking and roasting results.
  • 4D Hot Air: even heat distribution for perfect results – on any level.
  • BoschAssist: automatic setting of the optimal type of heat, temperature and time for countless dishes.
  • TFT touchscreen control: easy-to-use thanks to the control ring with full text and images.
  • Home Connect: smart connectivity lets you control everything from your smartphone or tablet.

Get the Bosch Serie 8 HBG6764S6B Electric Smart Oven in your life


Bosch HBS573BS0B Electric Oven

As with the last oven we looked at, this Bosch oven also has pyrolytic cleaning to save you time and hassle. But what else is good about this oven? Lots…

Bosch HBS573BS0B electric oven

  • 3D Hotair: perfect results thanks to the optimal distribution of heat on up to 3 levels at the same time.
  • AutoPilot 10: every dish is a perfect success thanks to 10 pre-set automatic programmes.
  • Easy to clean grey enamel interior.
  • Slim Universal Pans: 2 universal pans, slim size; perfect for smaller dishes.

See the Bosch HBS573BS0B Electric Oven for yourself


With one of these ovens, and less time spent scrubbing, we have a feeling that this is going to be the best summer ever. So, go forth! Throw your garden party! Invite the masses! Cleaning up afterwards just got so much easier!!

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