Why you need a pyrolytic oven

Don’t worry about scrubbing the oven – here’s the perfect solution.

27 Aug 2021

If you’re hosting a dinner party or cooking a large family meal, that’ll mean filling your oven with enough food to keep everyone fed and happy.

But while you’re enjoying the meal, it’s hard not to think of all that oven cleaning you'll need to do afterwards.

Don't worry about it. Because there’s no need for any scrubbing. Just as long as you've got a pyrolytic oven that cleans itself... 

What is a pyrolytic oven?

Pyrolytic ovens are self-cleaning, so you don’t need any chemical cleaning products. It's just a case of pressing start and letting your oven heat up to 480°C – depending on how much mess there is to get rid of.

The oven literally burns away any grease or food residue, then all you have to do at the end is wipe away the ash. Just think how much time you’ll save!

Here are a couple of pyrolytic ovens that could be right up your street.


Bosch Serie 8 Electric Smart Oven

Bosch Serie 8 Electric Oven

Our top two features in this oven have to be the PerfectBake Sensor and PerfectRoast thermometer. These clever pieces of oven tech take all the guesswork out of cooking, and work together to select the exact temperature and time that cooks every dish to perfection.

You can also cook on every shelf at the same time – and get great results on each one – with the even heat distribution that 4D Hot Air provides.

Then there’s the BoschAssist feature, where you can select the ideal cooking settings for a wide range of dishes at the touch of a button. Couldn’t be easier.

Get the Bosch Serie 8 HBG6764S6B Electric Smart Oven in your life


Bosch HBS573BS0B Electric Oven

Bosch HBS573BS0B electric oven

Here’s another oven that makes things easy for you. It’s not just easy to clean, it makes your cooking a lot easier too. It’s got 3D Hotair technology, which uses a 3D element around the fan to distributee hot air evenly through your oven. That makes everything cooks evenly, so your next batch of cookies will look like they’ve been baked by a pro.

Then there’s AutoPilot 10, exactly what you need if you’re not sure how to cook something. All you need to do is select the dish you want to prepare and select the weight. Your oven will then suggest the best temperature and cooking for you. How clever is that?

See the Bosch HBS573BS0B Electric Oven for yourself


With a pyrolytic oven you'll spend less time spent scrubbing, so cleaning up after meals and parties is so much easier. Plus, they're kinder to the environment, as you'll no longer have to buy those those harsh chemicals you'd normally use to deep clean the oven. Easy clean, nice and green!

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