Why you need Microsoft 365 on a Windows laptop

Set yourself up for some serious productivity

15 Sep 2021

The Microsoft Office suite has always been an essential for literally any device. While it’s still an essential for any Windows laptop, things have evolved and now you get more than just the standard Office apps. Ideal for family PCs and work computers alike, Microsoft 365 has plenty to offer. It has stuff to help you work, communicate, store your files and more, all rolled up into one handy package.


Premium Office Apps

Microsoft 365 has you covered when it comes to getting work done, with a suite of different programmes to suit all your needs. You get everything from Word to PowerPoint (staples of any homework project), Excel and Outlook (for mum and Dad’s work) and even Access and Publisher, all of which are routinely updated and offer the full array of premium features for you to take advantage of.


Expanded OneDrive Storage

You might think it’s just cloud storage, but it’s more than that. It’s seamlessly integrated into Windows 10 to add to the storage space on your PC, giving you 1TB of storage each for up to 6 different users so things don’t get mixed up on the family computer. Utilising that space also lets you utilise PC Folder Back Up, so you can access all of your documents, photos and more on any device that has access to OneDrive.



Outlook helps you stay on top of everything, all in one app for your convenience. On top of emails, you can find your calendars, to-do list, contacts and more. Plus, it knows how to keep you safe. It prevents viruses, malware and more malicious activities by automatically scanning any attachments and checking any links.


Technical Support for Windows 10 and Microsoft 365

If the time comes where you’re in need of some help, a Microsoft 365 subscription gives you access to technical support both online and on the phone. They not only offer support for the Office apps, but for all of Windows 10.



As well as being your spellcheck assistant for Word, Editor is also something you can download to your Edge browser, which helps you to have your spelling grammar and style at its best when you’re browsing the web.


Can't meet your friends and family?

Whether you want to stay in-touch with friends and family or have remote meetings at work, you can start using Microsoft Teams right away, and for free. It includes everything from online videocalls, screen sharing and scheduled meetings to customisable backgrounds, file storage and loads more.


Which version is the right one for me?

Think about which version is the best option for your household. While Microsoft 365 Personal gives you access to 12 months of 365 for 1 person with 1 TB of OneDrive cloud storage, the family subscription gives access for up to 6 different people and gives them 1 TB of cloud storage each, or 6 TB in total, plus premium safety features in the mobile app.


Partner Benefits

You even get benefits elsewhere just from being a Microsoft 365 subscriber. Microsoft Partners provide curated offers, such as 3 months of Adobe Photoshop and loads more.*

*offers change periodically


With all that included, Microsoft 365 is a worthy investment for anyone looking to kit out their laptop with multiple handy tools. It has something for both parents and their kids, so you can make the most of it whether you’re running your own business or just starting school.

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