Why you need to start backing up your files to the Cloud

Go from file fog to cloud nine

25 Jun 2021

Most of us are guilty of having laptops, phones and tablets full of files. Whether it’s those all-important work documents on your laptop, desktop or your iPhone crammed with pics that you haven’t got round to doing anything with. Happens to us all!

And even if you have the best of intentions – sometimes life gets in the way and you forget to back everything up.

But this isn’t just about messy desktops. Phones can break, hard drives can fail. It might sound like a story worthy of Halloween, but if you aren’t careful you could permanently lose all those precious files.

Fortunately, there's a great solution!


Check out the video below or read on to get the full story!


What is Cloud Backup all about?

Our Currys Cloud Backup service takes your photos, documents and files and automatically uploads them to Cloud servers – so they’ll be safe and sound – no matter what happens to your device.

And your files are stored at UK data centres using bank level security – so you never have to worry about them. So if your device breaks down, is stolen, catches a virus, or you accidentally delete your files, they’ll be safe and sound in the Cloud.


How can I access my files?

Want to show off your holiday snaps to your mate? Need to send that passport scan to HR? The best thing about Cloud Backup is that you can find what you need wherever you are – or whatever device you’re on. Or you can share them with friends, family or colleagues.

All you need is an internet connection. And with the availability of mobile data and Wi-Fi, that’s easier than ever before.

Who needs Cloud Backup

Pretty much everyone. You might use it just to take care of your holiday snaps or for jotting down great ideas on the go. But you also might be involved in creative projects – whether you're an art student with a bulging portfolio or a film maker trying to juggle files and footage.

Cloud Backup looks after your files whoever you are and wherever you are. That means less worry about files, folders and storage space and more focus on what you need to get done.


How do I get started?

You can choose the perfect Cloud Backup plan to suit you. We have a range of storage sizes available. Just ask in-store at Currys, give us a call on our freephone support line 0800 012 1909 (UK) / 1800 882 047 (IE) or head online here.


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