Why you need to upgrade to this new Windows laptop

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04 Aug 2021

Laptops. They’re super convenient. You can take them wherever you need to go and they shouldn’t weigh you down.

Thanks to massive improvements in laptop tech, we’re seeing a new generation of powerful, portable laptops that can do it all. So, is now a good time to upgrade? Can you get desktop features in a light and portable laptop?

The HP Pavilion 14 may look like a traditional laptop, but gamechangers like its Full HD touchscreen mean that it works super smoothly with apps. We checked out some other features that'll make your laptop life easier.

HP Pavilion 14

1. Windows Snap

Most of us will usually have more than one window at a time – and usually several apps on the go at once. You might have your email open at the same time as a presentation with a Word doc on the side. Constantly opening and closing windows on your laptop can really slow you down.

If the thought of multitasking on a laptop has you reaching for a second screen, you should give Windows Snap a go. Snap makes it really easy to keep all your open windows accessible and organised.

This means you can resize your windows in a flash with your mouse or keyboard. It may seem like a small feature, but once you get used to it, you’ll wonder how you did without it.

It works and looks great on the HP Pavilion 14’s Full HD IPS display with crisp vibrant 1920 x 1080 resolution. So no more squinting!

To see Windows Snap in action, check out our video below.


2. HP fast charge

Keeping your laptop constantly plugged in all the time defeats the point of having a lightweight laptop. And when you take it with you on the go, you’ll want it be powered up and ready when you need it.

Fortunately, HP Fast Charge charges your battery to 50% in 45 minutes when you power down your laptop. Combine that with an 8-hour battery life and your flashing battery worries are over!

finger print reader

3. Windows Hello

If there’s one thing that’ll slow you down when you need to get on your laptop fast, it’s remembering your password and then having to type it in constantly. Not a great way to do things, especially if you have that 9am Teams call!

Fortunately, new Windows laptops have taken inspiration from the mobile phone world. With a fingerprint reader, boot up times are so much faster so you can get back to work in an instant – without compromising on security.


Get HP!

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