Why you should consider a new washing machine now

Family life is stressful enough without an unreliable washing machine giving you laundry nightmares. Upgrade to a new model and you won’t look back…

11 Jul 2017

If your washing machine is over 5 years old, it’s definitely time to consider an upgrade. Over the years, washing machine technology has massively improved. Whether you’re 

  • Tackling grubby PE kits and ketchup stains
  • Laundering your favourite silk scarf or cashmere sweater
  • Ensuring your little black dress doesn’t fade
  • Saving energy and water by washing at 30° 

The latest washing machines are built for modern family life. We show you how…


Enjoy a deeper clean with pre-mix machines

The best washing machines now mix detergent with water and softener before it even enters the drum. Why? When everything is spinning around in the drum together it’s harder for the detergent to fully dissolve

By pre-mixing, a more concentrated wash solution is created which can get to work straightaway on cleaning your clothes. Take KOMix Technology™ found in premium AEG washing machines. It ensures that every fibre is cleaned and cared for.

AEG | 9000

There’s Samsung Ecobubble too, which mixes air and water to dissolve the detergent.


Keep clothes colourful with softer washing

Whether it’s a little black dress or your favourite red sweater, bold clothes can lose their colour over time. Washing at lower temperatures dramatically reduces colour fading and keeps your clothes looking newer for longer.black dress

So AEG developed a way of washing clothes with the cleaning benefits of a 60º cycle at only 30º. It’s called SoftWater Technology, and it works by purifying the water of harsh minerals. To prove it, AEG washed a little black dress 50 times with no colour fading or wear.

Get SoftWater Technology™ on the AEG 9000 Series washing machine


Tailored wash cycles

When doing the laundry there are plenty of things to consider – how big is the load, how stained, how much detergent should you use?

AEG offers superior accuracy with ProSense™. When you put in a load it automatically weighs it and then uses sensors to apply the right amount of water, energy and cycle time, every time.

Some Samsung washing machines can also work out and dispense the right amount of detergent.


Faster spinning means quicker, fresher drying

Once your clothes have been through the wash program, spin-dry shakes off excess water – without it your clothes would be soaking wet and take a very long time to dry.

Older washing machines lack the power and speed of the latest spin-dry technology in newer machines. Making both the washing and drying process much more inefficient. AEG washing machines are known for their excellent spinning.


Clothes won’t snag with better drum design

Fabric can snag on the tiny holes in the drum of your washing machine, leading to loose threads, or worse, a hole in your favourite trousers.

Technical designers and engineers have tackled this problem in newer machines by looking at the inside of the drum.

AEG’s ProTex drum is designed to be gentle - the large drum is perforated with tiny drain holes to reduce the chances of snagging.


Do less ironing with steam wash cycles

Reclaim some of Sunday evening from the ironing pile by opting for a washing machine that helps you iron less. How? You can reduce wrinkles by up to a third with ProSteam™ in AEG washing machines. It works by adding steam directly into the drum at the end of a wash cycle.

Iron less with the AEG Pro Steam™ washing machine.AEG

Add missed items like socks during the wash

When you’re doing the laundry the odd item is easily missed. We’ve accepted this as annoying but inevitable. However, now you can add those items during the cycle with one of Samsung’s AddWash machines.

Think it’s time for an upgrade? Choose your perfect washing machine.

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