World's first evolution kit for your Samsung Smart TV

A TV that evolves - yes, it´s true. Here´s the lowdown...

06 May 2013

Samsung have ushered in a new era of 'future proof' television technology with the launch of the Evolution Upgrade Kit. We have been eagerly awaiting the launch of the Evo Kit since we first heard the rumours. This brand new approach gives owners of 2012 Samsung TVs the opportunity to upgrade to the new 2013 spec without having to replace their television.

Evolution Kit

The new Samsung  VG-SEK1000 Smart Evolution Kit is compatible with the 2012 ES7000, ES8000, ES9000 and E8000 series TVs with the key benefit being the upgrade from dual core processor to quad core processor. This has the benefit of lightening fast processing of Smart features, especially when multi-tasking. Super fast video streaming and reduced lag in switching between functions is also of great benefit. You can seamlessly watch live TV whilst making a Skype call. Picture quality is also improved with the smooth quad core power.

The unit simply plugs in to the back of the TV and after a quick initial install you are ready to roll. You will instantly see the new 2013 Smart Hub interface and the associated benefits such as the five different panels where you can enjoy content including Live TV programs, Streaming content such as movies on demand or catch-up TV, plus Apps and the Internet.

S Recommendation, a highlight of the new F8000 TVs is now introduced to the 2012 models via the Evo Upgrade Kit. S recommendation with voice control makes intelligent suggestions of TV programmes that may be of interest to you by learning your viewing preferences. You can simply ask your TV what to watch and it will reply instantly by searching live TV, video on demand content and apps for the best options for you!

The gesture control from 2012 is also improved with new two-handed gestures. This allows you to zoom in and rotate images with better recognition of natural movements.

The Evolution Kit also includes the very attractive and slim 2013 Samsung Touch remote control with upgraded microphone.

We know how impressed our customers were with the ES8000 TVs and appreciate that they are very expensive to replace. Now we can keep our customers fully up to date and extend the lifetime of their purchase with this ingenious new approach to TV technology.



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