Xbox Game Pass: what’s new for June?

There’s a bunch of great indie titles to try…

09 Jun 2021

It’s June and you know what that means- a whole new load of stuff to check out on Xbox Game Pass! But ‘what is Xbox Game Pass?’ we hear you cry. For the full story check out Xbox Game Pass explained. But to give you a quick summary, Xbox Game Pass is a monthly subscription that gives you a ton of Xbox, PC and mobile games, DLC and perks to explore and play with. Plus, there’s more added every month! Which brings us onto our next point…


New games

The Wild at Heart – cloud and console

This new action-adventure is one of those delightful indie games that just feels good for your soul. Set in the fantastical Deep Woods, two children try to escape their difficult lives back home. Most of the gameplay centres around Spritelings- magical woodland creatures for you to collect and command. With this kooky little gang by your side, you can solve puzzles and fight any enemies you come across. Crafting’s also central to this action adventure game- helping you explore and feel a part of the world around you.

Beautifully hand drawn with thoughtful characters and dialogue, filled with engaging puzzles- this is a wonderful game to get lost in for a few hours.


For Honor – cloud and console

Think about some of the coolest warriors of all time- you’ve got your Samurai, your Vikings, your Knights and your Wu Lin. Now imagine that you can play in an incredible medieval setting as any one of these factions. That you’re fighting for ultimate supremacy with a whole range of different warrior types, styles and weapons. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it?

Well that’s basically what For Honor is. Play solo with the story campaign or duke it out in PvP and ranked modes. Let the battle begin!


Backbone – PC

Step right into a noir detective adventure… as a raccoon. This brand-new story-driven, dialogue-heavy adventure game is set in Canada’s Vancouver- but not as you know it. In this dystopian world all the characters are animals, brought to life with stunning artwork and its awesome soundtrack.

You play as detective Howard Lotor. And what begins as any other case takes you into the corrupt underbelly of Vancouver. This clever, moody game is perfect for those of us who are all about the narrative- think games like Disco Elysium.


Darkest Dungeon – cloud, console and PC

Another bit of indie goodness, Darkest Dungeon is (as you might have guessed) a dungeon crawler. But a dungeon crawler with a difference! This RPG begins with you inheriting a cursed estate from an Ancestor.

Pick from one of fifteen different character classes and then recruit a bunch of other heroes to join your party. You’ll need to manage all your party’s strengths, weaknesses and even stress levels to rid the estate’s dungeons, catacombs and surrounding lands from evil!



Sink your teeth into a bunch more downloadable content from your favourite games, like…

  • Black Desert: The Great Expedition Update
  • Gears 5 Pride 2021 Rewards Punch Card
  • Human: Fall Flat Series X|S Update and New Forest Level
  • Knockout City Season 1
  • Minecraft: Caves and Cliffs – Part I
  • The Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood


To find out more, check out Xbox’s own June Xbox Game Pass round-up

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