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TOWER T80303 5-piece Non-Stick Pan Set - Graphite
Top features:  - Simple maintenance with durable Cerasure non-stick coating - Even heat distribution through the bonded steel bases Cerasure non-stick coatingSave hours from cleaning and scrubbing your kitchenware as this Tower T80303 5-piece... Find out more
TOWER Essentials T80834 8-piece Pan Set - Stainless Steel
Top features:- Versatile cooking with a variety of pan options- Designed for convenience so you spend less time in the kitchenVersatile cookingMake use of a full range of cooking options with the Tower T80834 8-piece Pan Set. It includes a variety... Find out more
TOWER T80835 3-piece Non-stick Saucepan Set - Stainless Steel
Featuring top quality stainless steel with a polished mirror finish, the Tower T80835 3-piece Non-stick Saucepan Set is indispensable for a large variety of basic cooking needs – from boiling or steaming vegetables and making sauces, to cooking... Find out more
TOWER T80302 3-piece Saucepan Set - Graphite Grey
Prepare all of your favourite meals with this Tower T80302 3-piece Saucepan Set, featuring interior Cerasure non-stick linings which make cleaning a breeze.The set of 16 cm, 18 cm and 20 cm pans means you'll have plenty of choice to suit your... Find out more
TOWER T90981 3-piece Granitex Saucepan Set - Granite Grey
The Tower T90981 3-piece Granitex Saucepan Set is a practical and reliable go-to kitchen must-have. Designed with multi-layered coating technology, the saucepans have ultra tough non-stick interior coating, making it pleasant and easy for you to... Find out more
TOWER Granitex T90980 2-piece Non-stick Frying Pan Set - Grey
Spend less time cleaning and more time cooking with the Tower Granitex T90980 2-piece Non-stick Frying Pan Set. You'll get 28 cm and 20 cm frying pans made from premium aluminium with multi-layered non-stick inner coatings. This means you'll be... Find out more
TOWER Linear T80830 3-piece Saucepan Set - Stainless Steel
Make sure you're ready to cook with the Tower Linear T80830 3-piece Saucepan Set.It includes 20 cm, 18 cm and 16 cm saucepans to help you cook different ingredients and quantities. Create sauce or boil a couple of eggs in the small pan, or whip up... Find out more
TOWER T81507 3-piece Saucepan Set - Black
This high-quality, pressed aluminium Tower T81507 3-piece Saucepan Set is suitable for a wide range of cooking styles and recipes in any kitchen setting.  A non-stick ceramic interior makes the T81507 pans great for frying, sautéing and... Find out more
TOWER T90982 24 cm Non-stick Casserole Dish - Granite Grey
Prepare delicious home-cooked meals with the durable Tower T90982 24 cm Non-stick Casserole Dish.  Its 5.5-litre capacity gives you plenty of room for hearty family dinners or to make large quantities of food to freeze for your lunches. This... Find out more
TOWER T80336 25 cm Non-stick Grill Pan - Graphite
Chargrill your steak and other food to perfection with the Tower T80336 25 cm Non-stick Grill Pan. With a non-stick coating there's no need for excessive oil or scrubbing after you're done cooking, while the stay cool handle keeps you safe when... Find out more
TOWER T90983 24 cm Non-stick Sauté Pan - Grey
This solid Tower T90983 24 cm Non-stick Sauté Pan lets you cook enough food for the whole family in one easy go.With a non-stick aluminium finish, this pan is corrosion resistant and a good conductor of heat so the pan gets hotter faster and your... Find out more
TOWER T81212 3-piece Forged Saucepan Set - Graphite
Prepare delicious dishes with this solid and reliable Tower T81212 3-piece Forged Saucepan Set. The Cerastone-coated interior means you can cook with little to no oil, resulting in healthier alternatives to fried favourites. It also helps keep... Find out more
TOWER T80308 28 cm Non-stick Frying Pan - Graphite
Top features:- Suitable for all hob types, including induction - Colour changing technology with cerasure lining saves you time and effort Suitable for all hob typesYou can use this efficient and durable Tower T80308 Frying Pan on all hob types as... Find out more
TOWER T81272 24 cm Non-stick Forged Casserole Dish - Graphite
Prepare your favourite stews in this solid Tower T81272 24 cm Non-stick Forged Casserole Dish. Suitable for all hob types, the T81272 features an induction bottom that helps cook your food rapidly and with even heat distribution. This Casserole... Find out more
TOWER T80306 20 cm Non-stick Frying Pan - Graphite
Top features: - Precision cooking with colour changing lining - Prevent accidents while cooking with the stay-cool phenolic handle Precision cookingSave time and cook with more precision as this Tower T80306 Frying Pan features a heat responsive... Find out more
TOWER T81202 28 cm Non-stick Forged Sauté Pan - Graphite
Whip up healthy creative meals in no time with the Tower T81202 28 cm Non-stick Forged Sauté Pan. Great for vegetables, meat, fish, tofu and more, this pan requires little to no oil when cooking and you can use the clever infuser lid to add... Find out more
TOWER T80307 24 cm Colour Change Frying Fan - Graphite
Cook safely and practically with the Tower T80307 24 cm Colour Change Frying Fan, made from aluminium with a cool phelonic handle.Its clever design features a coating that changes to white when the pan reaches optimum heat, so you know it's not... Find out more
TOWER T80836 18 cm 3-tier Steamer - Stainless Steel
Prepare healthy, oil-free meals with this convenient Tower T80836 18 cm 3-tier Steamer, which lets you steam fish, vegetables, quinoa and much  more in one easy go.Suitable for all hob types, the T80836 features an encapsulated base for equal... Find out more
TOWER T80300 2-piece Non-stick Frying Pan Set - Graphite
Top features:- Cook delicious meals virtually oil-free on a non-stick pan- Your food never sticks to the pan- Cook safely with stay cool handlesCook delicious meals virtually oil-freeWhip up delicious meals on a pair of aluminium ceramic-coated... Find out more

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