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Suitable for all hob types including induction, the classic stainless steel Tower T90102 Pressure Cooker allowsyou to cook delicious meals faster and save energy.This pressure cooker has a 7.5 litre capacity and takes just a third of conventional... Find out more
  • FREE, fast delivery available
  • Not on display in store
    Available to order
The Tower T90101 Pressure Cooker is suitable for all hob types including induction, features a classic stainless steel finish and allows you to cook tasty meals faster, whilst saving energy.This 6 litre pressure cooker takes just a third of... Find out more

Tower pressure cookers are a versatile tool for the kitchen. Cooking quickly and healthily on the hob, pressure cookers help you prepare a wide variety of foods in just a third of the usual cooking time. They’re brilliant for meals that usually require a long cooking time, like risottos, casseroles, stews and stock. Enjoy delicious food with less time on the hob, saving you hours in the kitchen as well as cutting your energy bills.

Tower pressure cookers work by building up steam inside the pot behind an airtight safety seal. It’s this built-up pressure that cooks foods in a third of the normal cooking time. With their airtight seal, they’re also a very healthy way to cook, as they lock in and preserve nutrients and vitamins, as well as flavour. By cutting your cooking time on the hob by up to half, they’re a very economical way to cook every day, saving you money on gas or electricity, depending on your hob type.

The Tower pressure cooker range comes in a selection of sizes to suit you. There are 4-litre, 6-litre and 7.5 litre-options, allowing you to cook larger batch sizes whenever you need to, ideal for cooking meals to last all week. Tower’s modern pressure cookers are safe and simple to use and suitable for all gas and induction hobs. Dishwasher safe pots make cleaning up easier, while Phenolic handles making handling and storage easy and comfortable.

Tenderly steam meat, fish vegetables and more, and never worry about over or undercooking. Digital visual pressure indicators alert you when it’s time to take your food out of the pressure cooker. For added peace of mind and control, there’s a simple two-step pressure setting valve and safety pressure release valve. And the cookers are easy to open and close with the twist locking system – simply press and twist for a safe, tight seal.

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