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Tripods are designed to give you the stability you need to take breathtaking still and action shots wherever you go. Lightweight and easy to use, they’re an essential part of every photographer and filmmaker’s tool kit.

From compact, lightweight tripods that are designed to be taken anywhere, to tall and sturdy models made for the professional studio, our tripod range helps you capture perfect photographic results. Giving you solid stability on the move, they ensure sharp images, and precise framing when you’re using slow-speed exposures and telephoto lenses - perfect for capturing images of the night sky and nocturnal shots.

Our tripod range caters for every camera type – DSLRs, SLRs, compact system, digital and action cameras. For travel photography and photos on the go, aluminium tripods are so lightweight they can be carried anywhere. Magnetic and suction cup bases ensure stability even on shiny surfaces, giving you even more photographic options.

From Manfrotto tripods small enough to slip into your pocket, to flexi-leg tripods designed specifically for GoPros and action cameras, whatever you want to capture, there’s a tripod here to help. And for even sharper tripod photography at night, check out our range of flashguns too.

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