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Have you joined the smart TV revolution yet? With so many sources of streamable television and multiple devices to watch it on, there’s no denying that TV has changed an awful lot in recent years.

It might seem complicated compared to the days when we only had 4 analogue channels to choose from, but there’s plenty of ingenious technology to help you navigate the wonderful world of digital content, and we’ve got most of it right here at If you want to enjoy the very best smart TV has to offer take a tour of our comprehensive collection.

In addition to smart TVs from all the top television manufacturers, tech brands like Amazon and Google are now leading the way with smart devices that can consolidate a world of digital entertainment, allowing you to seamlessly enjoy your favourite media across multiple devices, including your TV.

Take the Google Chromecast, a neat little media streaming device that plugs into the HDMI port on your TV, effectively enabling you to synch your mobile device with your TV. With Chromecast, your phone becomes your remote. Simply tap the Cast button in your apps to start watching on the TV. You’ll be able to search, play, pause and more, right from your phone.

Amazon’s Fire TV Stick offers a similarly user-friendly way to turn your TV into a media hub while Apple TV 4K gives you access to content from over 60 video services, without switching apps, and the stunning visual quality of 4K HDR.

There are many ways to take advantage of the smart TV revolution and enjoy an amazing choice of TV entertainment. Check out our extensive choice of Now TV passes and view our full range of Amazon smart TV products.

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