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Things to consider

Size of room

To really immerse yourself in the action and drama of entertainment you want room-filling sound. Home cinema systems are great for large rooms or open plan living. With speakers dotted around the room you can create true surround sound – look out for systems with wireless speakers and sub.

A sound bar with virtual surround sound can offer a cinema-like experience for smaller spaces – keep an eye out for Dolby Atmos or DTS Virtual:X for brilliant sound that envelopes you. They don’t take up much space either, especially if you opt for an all-in-one or compact sound bar, and sit discreetly below your TV or be wall mounted.

For an all-in-one solution where you don’t have to worry about extra speakers or a sub, consider a soundstage. It has a flat and compact design for sitting under your TV, but still delivers rich, detailed virtual surround sound.

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Soundstage or sound bar?

About the height of a DVD player, a soundstage is a compact solution that will fit neatly under your TV or on a shelf on your TV stand. Because the sub is built-in, you don’t need to worry about where to place an external subwoofer and setup is super simple.

Sound bars are generally flat and stretch most of the length of your TV. Because they are shallower in depth than a soundstage you can easily place it just in front of your TV or wall mounted below.

Choosing a sound bar with a wireless sub offers more flexibility on where you can place it than a wired sub. Alternatively, go for an all-in-one design that has a subwoofer built-in. Smaller screens deserve great sound too – see our range of compact sound bars to give the TV in the kids den or your bedroom a boost.

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Type of sound bars

To make sure you pick the right sound bar for your living room, it's helpful to learn all the different types that we stock here at Curry's.

Our range of All-in-One Sound bar's have a subwoofer already built-in so you won't need to worry about buying any external audio equipment to enhance your listening experience. Simply connect your soundbar with the TV wirelessly or wired through an HDMI or Optical output and enjoy the latest boxsets and blockbusters.

Single-bar soundbars are perfect for building up your ideal sound system. Some may have voice assistance built-in, letting you expand with other speakers and creating a cinematic surround sound like no other. We also sell a range of soundbars and subwoofers as bundles so you can get the deeper bassy sounds through the subwoofer and crisp, clear dialogue from the soundbar, a sound match in heaven.

From Sony soundbars, Bose, Sonos, Samsung, LG, Yamaha and more, Currys provides you with a wide choice so you can choose the best audio setup for your home.

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With a multi-room system you can have the same song playing on different speakers, or control each speaker individually, all from just one app. It’s a great way to fill your home with music – you can group together speakers by room, so you can have music playing in the living room perfectly in sync with what’s playing in the kitchen.

Whether you’re looking to setup a multi-room system or thinking about expanding your setup in the future, it’s important that all your speakers work together. Generally, multi-room speakers only work with other speakers from the same range. If you’re looking for a more open system, consider speakers with Chromecast built-in as they work with other Chromecast speakers from different brands.

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For fuss-free wireless streaming from your smartphone or tablet, opt for a system with Bluetooth. Simply pair and start streaming from your usual music apps, including the likes of Spotify and Deezer.

With a wireless range of up to 10 m, it’s perfect for enjoying playlists and podcasts at home. Plus, with simple setup, it’s easy for the whole family to use.

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NFC technology

Pairing your smartphone with your home cinema system, sound bar, or soundstage is even easier with NFC (near-field communication). Just like using a contactless card, simply touch your NFC-enabled smartphone to the relevant spot on the speaker to quickly pair and start streaming.

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Wireless sub-woofer

For some extra bass that brings movies to life and gives your music depth, consider a system with a wireless subwoofer. The sub has a wireless connection to your sound bar – so they’ll be perfectly in sync without the need for trailing cables. This gives you the freedom to place the subwoofer where it suits you in the room – all you need is a power socket.

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Choosing a TV entertainment package

With so much good TV entertainment available, it’s easy to be over-whelmed when choosing the right package. So to help you out, here are some useful tips to consider when choosing your TV entertainment package:

  • Think about the shows and channels you look forward to watching the most, then check out which TV entertainment providers offer them.
  • Consider the optional extras you’d like to bundle into your TV package. Are you a movie junk, a sporting enthusiast, or do you have a young family? Do you want to catch up on boxsets or access streaming services like Netflix? All the major TV entertainment providers like Sky, Virgin Media and Now TV allow you to tailor your package to your preferences.
  • Do you want the flexibility of adding and removing extras monthly to suit your viewing needs? Providers like Now TV and TalkTalk offer this as standard.
  • Are you interested in getting your TV, home broadband and phone service all in one package? Combining services is usually cheaper and more convenient to manage.

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Things to consider

Discovering amazing tech

Our team have some serious techsperience in everything from smart phones to laundry. That's why we started Our Experts Love - a range of products we particularly love and think you will too. As you take a look round our website, you'll find their thoughts on all sorts of amazing tech. And, if it comes with their recommendation, you can be sure it's a top choice.

Finding the perfect setup for your home entertainment doesn’t need to be complicated – we’ve got something to suit your space. A soundstage is an all-in-one compact system that sits under your TV. Because you don’t need an external sub, it works in any room, with any setup. By creating virtual surround sound, you get brilliant sound that most TV speakers just can’t match.

A sound bar can be placed just below your screen or wall mounted along with your TV, giving you flexibility, even if you decide to change your setup in future. Sound bars come in a bunch of different designs, including compact sound bars, all-in-one sound bars, and sound bars with wireless subwoofers. Look out for sound bars with Dolby Atmos or DTS Virtual:X for brilliant virtual surround sound.

For true surround sound, opt for a home cinema system. Most include a Blu-ray player, sound bar, subwoofer, and rear speakers, so you get the full depth of sound from your movies and music – it’s the perfect setup if you’re a cinema buff, sports fan, or music lover.