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UNIVERSAL Star Trek: Beyond UHD
Starring: - Chris Pine - Zachary Quinto - Zoe Saldana - Karl Urban - Simon Pegg - John Cho - Anton Yelchin - Idris Elba Explore the next chapter of the new Star Trek films from producer J.J. Abrams with Star Trek: Beyond. Featuring all the main... Find out more
UNIVERSAL Star Trek: Into Darkness
Starring:- John Cho- Benedict Cumberbatch- Alice Eve- Bruce Greenwood- Simon Pegg- Chris Pine- Zachary Quinto- Zoe Saldana- Karl Urban- Peter Weller- Anton Yelchin Star Trek Into Darkness is the the sequel to 2009's Star Trek.After Captain Kirk... Find out more
UNIVERSAL Ghostbusters UHD (1984)
Starring:- Bill Murray- Dan Aykroyd- Harold Ramis- Ernie Hudson- Sigourney Weaver- Rick MoranisThe classic 1984 comedy Ghostbusters is now preserved in the United States Library of Congress as a culturally and historically significant... Find out more

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