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Upright vacuum cleaners are designed to make cleaning your carpets and hard floors faster and less of a chore. Each upright vacuum cleaner in our range is versatile and will help you keep your home clean.

When you’ve got pets or small children, staying on top of the cleaning can be tough, but when you have an upright vacuum cleaner at your disposal, you’ll find it much easier to keep dust and pet hairs at bay. Run an upright vacuum cleaner around your house before guests arrive and they’ll wonder where you find the time to keep your floors so clean.

Upright vacuum cleaners are great for tackling multiple surfaces including carpets, wooden or laminate, tiled and stone floors. They can get into difficult to reach corners to ensure every inch of your floor is left spotless. Upright vacuum cleaners can easily get behind obstacles and furniture so you won’t have to worry about dust gathering.

If you’re looking for an alternative vacuum cleaner, take a look at our range of cylinder vacuum cleaners and if you’re looking for the best upright vacuum, try a Dyson upright vacuum cleaner

The world of vacuum cleaning has become a complicated, perhaps even confusing place in recent times. Today’s vacuum cleaners come is all sorts of shapes and sizes, some of which may be unfamiliar to anyone who hasn’t been paying attention. But, amid all the novel designs, the upright vacuum cleaner has remained a reassuring constant.

Ultimately, the upright vacuum cleaner is a classic design that continues to represent the best vacuuming solution for many homes. Thanks to its wide floor head and stable yet manoeuvrable shape, the upright vacuum tends to impress when it comes to cleaning efficiency, especially in larger, carpeted homes. It’s also a style that’s relatively easy on the body, allowing you to assume an upright posture that puts less stress on the back.

Of course, their classic design doesn’t mean upright vacuum cleaners aren’t equipped with the latest labour-saving technology. Brands like Dyson and Russell Hobbs offer upright bagless vacuum cleaners that are lightweight, efficient and effortlessly manoeuvrable, enabling fast, efficient cleaning throughout the home. Bagged upright vacuum cleaners from the likes of Sebo are no less cutting-edge, employing near tear-proof fleece ultra bags that are designed to deliver fade-free performance through efficient micro-filtration.

The Currys upright vacuum cleaner collection features featherlight models from Bissell as well as cordless upright vacuum cleaners from Tower, offering an appealing mix of stick-style effortlessness and an upright efficiency.

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