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Keep all of your most precious files, videos and photos safe and sound – and easy to move around – with a USB 3.0 flash drive. But that’s not all. This particular type of storage device works at lightning speeds, transferring data mega-fast.

There’s a range of storage capabilities to choose from, so take your pick from a 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, or 256GB USB 3.0 flash drive. If you have a lot of big files to store, you can even get a 1TB model. So if you’ve got tens of thousands of songs or dozens of movies, you’re sorted. In addition to the amount of space, you’ll also find a variety of transfer rates. With potential speeds of 130MB a second, you’ll see how some of these – like SanDisk Ultras in sleek black – allow you to transfer a full-length movie In a speedy 40 seconds.

Keep a look out for security features in your USB 3.0 flash drive, like the option to create a password-protected folder. You can also find encryption options, to help keep your most private files and photos confidential. Whether you’re transferring files from one device to another, or just want the peace of mind of having a backup, once you’ve got one of these nifty gadgets, you’ll wonder how you did without one.

As an integral USB 3.0 flash drive (whether 128GB, 256GB, etc) is backward compatible, you can slot it into a standard 2.0 port. Just bear in mind it can only work as fast as the port’s speed. But with a 3.0 you’ll find you can get transfer rates up to 10 times faster than a standard 2.0.

You’ll find plenty of 3.0 options in the full SanDisk USB flash drive range. Looking for other types of data storage? Browse our collection of USB-C flash drives , including those by G-Technology .

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