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Our data storage collection features a great selection of USB-C flash drives from leading flash memory experts like SanDisk. But what is a USB-C drive and how does it differ from a normal USB drive?

You may have noticed that USB-C ports have started to appear with increasing ubiquity on all sorts of devices, including laptops and smartphones. A few years ago, Apple began to release MacBooks that dispensed with standard USB ports and its own Thunderbolt altogether in favour of USB-C ports. Essentially, USB-C is a relatively new industry-standard connector for transmitting data and power.

USB-C’s broad acceptance across by industry leading computer brands including Apple, Samsung, Dell, HP and Microsoft suggests that it’s here to stay. So it makes sense to invest in USB-C flash drive.

Alongside larger USB-C flash drives from the likes of G-Technology, we stock a growing collection of USB-C memory sticks from SanDisk, offering compact, sturdy data storage that fits in your pocket. The collection currently ranges in capacity between 16 and 64 GB and features password protected security as well as speedy transfer rates of up to 10 GB/s. Perfect for transferring photos, music and work documents between devices.

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