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A good tripod is one of the key components in any photographer’s kit. Our collection of Velbon tripods includes a variety of models to suit a spectrum of needs and budgets. If you’re a relative newcomer, affordable Velbon tripods like the popular EF-41 provide the perfect entry-level option. Ideal for compact cameras and DSLRs weighing up to 2 kg, this neat, lightweight tripod offers stability, sturdy build-quality and versatility. And, thanks to its aluminium body, it weighs in at less than 1 kg. It can also be folded down to just 50.6 cm, making it the perfect travel companion.

The EF-41 also offers plenty of shooting versatility. It features a three-way pan and tilt head, letting you shoot in landscape or portrait mode while a quick-release platform allows for speedy camera mounting and handling.

Ambitious photographers looking for extra functionality and the option of attaching a heavier rig will want to check out the Sherpa 400 Velbon tripod, which can support up to 6 kg. Despite its impressive load-bearing capacity, the Sherpa 400 is lightweight and compact enough to provide highly portable support. Weighing in at 2.27 kg and folding down to just 67 cm, it's also easy to set up and pack away thanks to its clip lock legs.

Our huge camera department plays host to an extensive choice of camera accessories, including the latest tripods from all the leading brands. Be sure to check out our Manfrotto tripod collection and if you’re on the lookout for extra-compact support, make sure you see all monopods on offer.

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