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Get amazing flexible plans with our Pay Monthly phones
and SIMs, plus jump on 5G with any 5G-ready phone.

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Welcome to the stuff of dreams. 5G on Virgin Media means no more compromise, even when you’re on the go. It means getting stuff done, when and where you want it. And yep, being pleasantly surprised, all the time. Meet 5G – our next-generation mobile coverage, all yours when you grab a 5G phone or 5G-ready SIM.

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With Virgin Mobile you can enjoy the perks of free WiFi, flexible plans and 99% 4G population coverage.

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Don't let anything
slow you down

All of our phone and SIM Only plans come with blazingly fast 4G and 5G speeds that can keep up with the speed of life.

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Data Rollover

Any data you don’t use this month gets added to next month’s data. That’s just how we roll. The rolled-over data will be used before your regular data – so nothing goes to waste. Our 5G plans come with Data Rollover at no extra cost.



Be a social butterfly on WhatsApp, Facebook messenger or Twitter without using up your data.

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for free WiFi

Take advantage of over 3.5 million free Virgin Media WiFi hotspots around the UK and save your data for later.

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Keep on ringing and texting anywhere you’re online but off-grid at no extra cost.

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5G: 5G compatible device or SIM Only plan and coverage required. Download times are based on average 5G download speeds Q3 2019 (at 140Mbps). For more details see Host a group video call in HD: HD compatible device required. Data Rollover: Unused data from your inclusive monthly allowance will be added to next month’s allowance (Rollover Data). Rollover Data is used ahead of your monthly data. Unused Rollover Data expires at the end of that monthly allowance period. Data add-ons excluded. Data-free Messaging on WhatsApp, & Facebook Messenger & Twitter: Standard UK messaging (video, picture, audio) does not deplete data allowance. Live video streaming & Voice & video calls excluded. 4G plans only. When monthly allowance via standard data usage is £3/day per GB. We welcome new messaging partners to this service.

Full terms and conditions can be found here.