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Gaming might be more readily associated with console-style controllers than mice, but die-hard PC gamers know that a quality gaming mouse can give you an all-important competitive edge. Simply put, a bog-standard PC mouse simply doesn’t cut it if you’re serious about gaming.

There are a whole host of ways that dedicated gaming mice can improve your gaming performance. For one thing, gaming mice are typically sturdier and more durable, meaning they’re able to withstand the physical pressures of heavy gaming use, which is invariably more physically testing than typical use.

Such intense, sustained use means comfort should really be a consideration and gaming mice come up trumps in this respect too. Designed with performance and comfort in mind, gaming mice are ergonomically crafted to conform to the shape of your hand, meaning you can use them for longer periods of time before feeling any discomfort.

Some gaming mice manufacturers have taken the pursuit of ergonomics and performance enhancing design to radical lengths, entirely reinverting the mouse in the process. Check out our selection of vertical gaming mice to see some strikingly novel designs.

Customisability is another key benefit of gaming mice, allowing you to tailor your gaming experience and program complex commands so they can be performed with the click of a single button. You’ll find a great choice of multi button gaming mice in our range.

Our extensive collection of gaming mice features the latest, most innovative models from leading manufacturers like Razer, Logitech and ADX.

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