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Small kitchen appliances might not seem like the most exciting thing to shop for. That’s until you realise waffle makers fall into that group. Suddenly, browsing for household gadgets at Currys sounds way more fun, doesn’t it?

You might be wondering why you need a waffle maker. Perhaps you don’t eat them that often and you can order one at your favourite café as the occasional treat. Fair enough. But picture this. If you have your own waffle maker, even a mini one, you can literally have freshly made waffles whenever you get a craving. Wake up to the tantalisingly delicious smell of waffles (you can convince your partner/ flatmate/ family to get up first and get it all going, right?) or tuck into one at 2 in the morning if you fancy. And no need to deliberate between maple bacon or Nutella and strawberries (have both, obviously).

Want to hear a little more about the actual waffle makers? How about this. Our waffle makers, from brands such as Breville, have non-stick removable plates which means cleaning up is a breeze. Plus, there’s really clever storage solutions, like a dedicated space to keep the cable in when you’re not using the machine. In other words, your waffle maker won’t get in the way or clutter your worktop. For added versatility, some makers, like the ones in Tefal’s range, include interchangeable cooking plates. Make yourself a toasted sandwich, a bagel or even a doughnut: it turns out these machines are so much more than just waffle makers. Of course, once you’re a waffle-making pro, you can get creative. Have a go at making a bubble waffle, try new shapes (anyone else think round waffles taste better?) or go mini and pile them high. YUM.

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