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BT Essential 300 WiFi Range Extender - N300, Single-band
Top features: - Extend the range of secure WiFi coverage around your home - Works with any broadband service and operating system - Connect to your existing hub or router at the touch of a button Extend WiFi coverageExtend the range of your... Find out more
TP-LINK TL-WA850RE Universal WiFi Range Extender - N300, Single-band
Top features:- Improve your coverage by boosting your WiFi signal- Secure connections to stay safe online  Improve your coverage The TP-Link TL-WA850RE extends the range of any wireless router or gateway, boosting your WiFi signal and extending... Find out more
NETGEAR WN3000RP-200UKS WiFi Range Extender - N300, Single-band
Top features:- Improved WiFi access throughout your home- Fast Ethernet connection- Simple setup to extend your WiFi network quickly  Improved WiFi access Enhance the range of your current N300 WiFi network for excellent wireless coverage to... Find out more
BT 11ac WiFi Range Extender - AC 1200, Dual-band
Top features:- Reach further, sending your WiFi further into your home- Dual-band connectivity for a reliable internet connection  Reach further The BT 11ac WiFi Range Extender picks up your WiFi signal and sends it further into your home -... Find out more
TP-LINK RE200 WiFi Range Extender - AC 750, Dual-band
Top features: - Next-generation WiFi gives you higher speeds - Dual-band WiFi with Ethernet connectivity - Practical range extending with indicator lights Next-generation WiFiUse the dual-band TP-Link RE200 WiFi Range Extender to expand the WiFi... Find out more
NETGEAR EX6120 WiFi Range Extender - AC 1200, Dual-band
Top features: - Extend the range of your WiFi with dual-band frequencies - Speedy internet access supported by AC WiFi Extend the range of your WiFiThe EX6120 allows you to extend the range of WiFi network, allowing you to access the internet from... Find out more
BT 750 WiFi Range Extender - AC 750, Dual-band
Increase the range and signal strength of your home's WiFi connection with the BT 750 WiFi Range Extender. If you have areas of your home with poor internet stability or inconsistent speeds this range extender can improve your connection and give... Find out more
NETGEAR EX7300 WiFi Range Extender - AC 2200, Dual-band
Top features: - Compatible with AC WiFi for speedy internet access - Up to 10,000 ft² range to extend WiFi to those hard-to-reach areas - MU-MIMO allows you to simultaneously stream to multiple devices Compatible with AC WiFi The EX7300... Find out more
TP-LINK RE450 WiFi Range Extender - AC 1750, Dual-band
Top features:- Dual-band AC WiFi for fast expanded internet access- Three external antennas provide optimal WiFi coverage- Intelligent signal indicator helps you find the best locationDual-band AC WiFiThe RE450 delivers superfast WiFi speeds,... Find out more
TP-LINK TL-WA860RE WiFi Range Extender - N300, Single-band
Top features:- Tiny and reliable means of extending your WiFi coverage- AC passthrough keeps the power socket available  Tiny and reliable This miniature, plug-in device packs more of a punch than you might expect. The double antennas provide... Find out more
NETGEAR EX2700-100 WiFi Range Extender - N300, Single-band
Top features: - Improved N300 WiFi expands your router's coverage - Simple to use with wall-plug connectivity Improved N300 WiFiConnect your home and expand the areas you can use WiFi with the N300 Netgear EX2700-100 WiFi Range Extender. Optimise... Find out more
ASUS RP-AC52 WiFi Range Extender - AC 750, Dual-band
Top features:- Next-generation AC WiFi lets you enjoy high-speed connectivity- Dual-band concurrent range extender for different tasks- Monitor the signal strength with an LED indicator- Two modes for versatile usageNext-generation AC WiFiWith... Find out more
NETGEAR EX6000 WiFi Range Extender - AC 750, Dual-band
Improve WiFi coverage throughout your home with the Netgear EX6000 WiFi Range Extender. The EX6000 increases your WiFi range and speed, so you'll be able to use your devices wherever you are in your house. The AC technology means you'll be... Find out more
TP-LINK RE210 WiFi Range Extender - AC 750, Dual-band
Top features:- Expand your WiFi to avoid dead zones- High speed connections- Ethernet port for a wired internet connectionExpand your WiFiThe RE210 puts an end to WiFi dead zones in your home or office by connecting to your router wirelessly,... Find out more
DEVOLO Repeater WiFi Range Extender - N300, Single-band
Experience strong signal in areas of your house you never had before. The high performance connection is perfect for households who enjoy streaming music and movies for different rooms.Designed to be suitable for everyone, the Repeater WiFi... Find out more
LINKSYS RE6400 WiFi Range Extender - AC 1300, Dual-band
Top features: - Reliable dual-band streaming for uninterrupted gaming, streaming and browsing - Locates the best place for your router with Spot Finder technology - Beamforming and cross-band technology for an optimised signal - Gigabit Ethernet... Find out more
EDIMAX EW-7478AC WiFi Range Extender - AC 1200, Dual-band
Top features:  - Double your WiFi with an Ethernet port for wired connections - Dual-band connection is perfect for every device - Helpful features including guest network and signal strength lights Double your WiFi The Edimax EW-7478AC... Find out more
EDIMAX Gemini RE11 WiFi Roaming Starter Kit - Twin Pack
Top features: - Eliminate WiFi dead zones with two range extenders - Smart roaming technology provides a seamless connection - Dual-band connection is perfect for every device Eliminate WiFi dead zones The Edimax Gemini RE11 WiFi Roaming... Find out more

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