What’s happened exactly?

Whirlpool's industry-leading safety processes and standards mean they constantly review all their products and closely monitor for any potential issues. As part of this, their safety team recently highlighted a concern for further investigation.

Follow-up testing and analysis identified a potential fire safety risk with the door lock systems on certain models of washing machines manufactured under the Hotpoint and Indesit brands between October 2014 and February 2018. When the heating element in the washing machine is activated, in very rare cases a component in the door lock system can overheat, which, depending on product features, can pose a risk of fire. The issue relates to corrosion of certain materials in that door locking system, therefore machines that are more than two years old are at greater risk.

In the vast majority of cases, the product will fail safely, which is what it is designed to do in the event of an issue occurring. The user may note a burning smell or smoke, or that the door lock is not working correctly. In very rare cases, overheating can lead to a risk of fire, causing external damage to the appliance.

As soon as Whirlpool became aware of this potential safety issue, they notified the UK product safety regulator (OPSS) of the situation and launched a nationwide product recall in January to address the issue, which could potentially affect up to 524,000 washing machines sold in the UK.

Which washing machines are being recalled?

Whirlpool is recalling a limited number of washing machines sold in the UK and Ireland under the Hotpoint and Indesit brands that were manufactured between October 2014 and February 2018. Please note, no Whirlpool branded machines are affected.

How can I find out if I own an affected machine?

You can check if your washing machine is affected by this recall by visiting https://washingmachinerecall.whirlpool.co.uk [https://washingmachinerecall.whirlpool.ie for Ireland]. This site includes an online model checker tool, as well as a full list of model numbers. Alternatively, customers can call their freephone hotline 0800 316 1442 [0818 903 281 for Ireland] where one of Whirlpool's advisers can assist with checking their model and providing further information.

Please see below link to affected machines product list:

What are Whirlpool offering affected customers?

Under the recall, all affected customers will have the choice of either a free-of-charge replacement washing machine of comparable specification, or a free-of-charge in-home repair of their existing appliance.

If customers choose the replacement option, Whirlpool will collect and dispose of their affected washing machines and deliver their new products free-of-charge.

What should I do with my affected washing machine between now and when Whirlpool recall them?

To avoid all risk associated with the use of affected models, customers should unplug their washing machines and not use them. If nevertheless customers do use their appliance, they should only use cold water cycles of 20C or lower as this significantly reduces the risk. This is because the issue is associated with the washing machine’s heating element being activated during washing cycles above 20C.

More Information

For more Information please visit the dedicated recall campaign website below:

https://washingmachinerecall.whirlpool.co.uk [https://washingmachinerecall.whirlpool.ie for Ireland]

Alternatively call the Whirlpool freephone contact number seven days a week: 0800 316 1442 [0818 903 281 for Ireland]