Yamaha MusicCast


About Yamaha MusicCast

A new way to listen

MusicCAST is a versatile wireless multi-room audio range. Choose from almost 50 models, each controllable from anywhere in your home.

It’s easy to build a MusicCAST system: start with one device, then add more to create a multi-room network. Ideal for entertaining, it lets you and your friends choose songs directly from a phone or tablet.

Play audio from any connected smartphone, computer or network drive with MusicCAST. Stream tracks from services like Napster, Spotify, TIDAL, Deezer and Qobuz - or thousands of online radio stations. Bluetooth lets you send music from your MusicCAST devices to any Bluetooth-enabled speakers or headphones. It’s that flexible.

How the MusicCast controller works

Tap the app and start controlling your music and MusicCAST devices in three easy steps:

1. Choose which room you want to play music in (you can even upload a photo of the room to display on the screen)
2. Choose which source you want to play back from.
3. Play your songs.

The app lets you adjust system performance, sound settings and playback functions - create playlists, choose recent songs or radio stations, and set the order of play.

Try it out now by downloading the free MusicCAST Controller app and using the demo mode.

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