Zanussi laundry and dishwashers

Zanussi have an impressive range of washing machines, washer dryers, tumble dryers and dishwashers that take the work out of washing.

You can expect great results in less time and with less effort. These appliances are embellished with a host of intelligent features such as Jet-system wash and active drying to make your chores easier.

Free up your time and never worry about washing clothes or dishes again. These Zanussi appliances deliver a best in class performance that takes the stress away.

Let Zanussi take the strain out of the laundry so you can sit back and relax.

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Laundry features


Zanussi’s Jetsystem+ technology has been refined. This new feature automatically adjusts the water and energy consumption to the most efficient level, saving you energy.


Thanks to the new Flexidose feature you have the flexibility to use either power or liquid detergent in the same compartment.

Inverter motor

This brushless motor gives a powerful performance with less noise emissions and more durability. The inverter motor can drive large loads with power for longer, cutting the wash time.

Dishwasher features

Quick 65°C Wash Programme

Ideal if you’re in a hurry, this unique function washes your freshly dirtied dishes in just 30 minutes! The 65°C temperature ensures a thorough performance, keeping quality but cutting time!

Auto Half Load

This technology automatically determines weather you have a full load or a half load in the dishwasher. It will even adapt the water and energy use to the amount of dishes loaded!

Active Drying

You can get even better drying results from your dishes with the active drying feature that works by removing the steam, so your dishes are left extra dry and clean. A real time saver!