Let's take your old one away

Got an old electrical appliance or technology you want out of your home? Like to save the hassle of a trip to the dump, or of getting the council to call? Love someone to do all the heavy lifting and disposal work for you?

Installation & recycling on delivery

Want your new large appliance delivered and fitted, and your old one gone, all in one go? For maximum convenience, add both installation and recycling on delivery to your order in checkout.

Importantly, our installation service includes disconnecting your old gas or electrical appliance. Saving you the hassle of getting a separate tradesman to disconnect it before we arrive.

As standard:

  • If we’re bringing and fitting a freestanding appliance, we’ll only disconnect a freestanding appliance.

  • If we’re bringing and fitting a built-in appliance, we’ll disconnect either a built-in appliance (includes unfixing it from your units), or a freestanding appliance.

  • If we’re bringing and fitting an electric oven or hob, but your old one is gas please place your order and chat to one of our colleagues using our Webchat service and one of our team will make sure we send one of our Gas Safe registered Experts to safely remove this.

However, if we’re bringing and fitting a freestanding appliance, and the one to be disconnected is built-in, it’s a special job.

To arrange this, please chat to one of our helpful colleagues using our Webchat service.

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Why us?

Long live your tech

Trade-in. Recycle. Support. Repair.

We help tech live on and on. Our 1000’s of experts work their magic repairing your tech if it breaks down.

And, with trade-in and recycling, they can help your old tech find a new life, while you upgrade to something better. That way, we help the planet and your pocket too.