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Does a humidifier help with coughs and allergies?

Improving air quality can help your health...


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Humidifiers are a great piece of kit for anyone looking to improve the quality of air in their home. They offer some great benefits when it comes to your family’s health and comfort and yes – that includes help with coughs and allergies. If you’re interested in getting a humidifier for this reason, here’s all you need to know.

How does a humidifier work?

First things first, what exactly is a humidifier and how does it work? Well, it’s basically an appliance that releases water vapour or steam into the air to increase the moisture and humidity level in your hoom. There are a few good reasons why you might want to do this…

What are the benefits of a humidifier?

Here are some of the biggest advantages of using a humidifier in your home:

1. Improved air quality. Dry indoor air can cause various health issues including dry skin and irritated throats. A humidifier helps to keep your airways moist and could even make it a little easier to breathe.

2. Better sleep. Dry air can sometimes cause nasal congestion, leading to discomfort during sleep. It can also cause snoring, leading to the discomfort/annoyance of anyone trying to sleep next to you. A humidifier can help sort these issues.

3. Faster healing. Is someone in your family dealing with a cold, flu or respiratory infection? Then a humidifier can speed their recovery, with moister air soothing their irritated nasal passages.

4. Good for plants. A humidifier will give your houseplants the moisture they need to prevent dryness and help them grow healthier.

Do humidifiers help with allergies?

Yes, a home humidifier can help with allergies. Increasing your home’s humidity levels can help inhibit the movement of common airborne allergens like dust and pollen, causing them to settle faster. This prevent these allergens from circulating in the air and reduces your exposure to them.

Expert advice: If anyone in your home has severe symptoms or suffers from a specific allergy, we recommend that you consult with a GP for advice and treatment options.

Can a humidifier help with a cough?

A home humidifier can help make a cough better, especially if it’s caused by dry air.

Dry air can irritate your airways, and that can lead to a cough developing. Increasing the humidity levels in your home can help soothe the respiratory system and make a dry cough less persistent.

If you’re planning on using a humidifier to help with a cough, you should follow these important guidelines:

1. Clean it regularly. It’s important to stop any growth of bacteria or mold in your humidifier, so you’ll need to clean it regularly as per the manufacturer's instructions. This’ll make sure that your humidifier keeps fighting against allergies, rather than becoming a source of any nasties.

2. Choose the correct humidity level. The ideal humidity range for respiratory health is between 30% and 50%. On the other hand, humidity levels above 50% can promote mold and dust mite growth, while levels below 30% might not be high enough to make any difference.

3. Use distilled water. This well helps prevent limescale or minerals building up and impurities being released into the air.

Expert advice: Different coughs have different causes. If anyone in your family develops a long-lasting and persistent cough, you should consult with a GP.

Need any help?

Need some help picking the right humidifier or air treatment appliance? Pop in-store and chat to one of our expert colleagues. They’re always happy to help.

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