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Looking for better bread? Want to create Insta-worthy cakes? Baking is incredibly satisfying but it can punish any mistakes. Fortunately, there’s some fantastic kitchen tech out there that can help you whip up delicious deserts without the baking tantrums.

We’ve put together some of our favourite baking tech and asked our culinary Curry’s colleagues for their home baking hacks.

Bread maker for perfect loaves…

If you make fresh bread, you’ve automatically won yourself baking bragging rights. After all, who can beat the smell of a fresh loaf of bread coming out of the oven?

But with great loaves come great mess. Dough-encrusted hands and flour on the floor aren’t for everybody. Plus, you might go off the idea of homemade bread when you add up all the hours spent slaving away in the kitchen.

Fortunately, bread makers take the hassle out of the equation. Just add the ingredients and let them get on with the hard work. And by adjusting the ingredients and picking the right pre-set, you can get anything from pizza dough to brioche. What more could you knead?

Currys colleague baking tip:

“When using a bread maker, be sure to use a yeast made for the job. Look for phrases like easy bake or fast action.”

Stand mixer for dream dough…

Almost all kinds of baking calls for the right mix of ingredients. And while breadmaking requires some tough kneading, more delicate baked treats (think meringues) demand a much lighter mixing method. Getting it right can be tough and you may well want to quit before trial and error finally pays off.

That’s why it’s good to take the guesswork out of it and invest in a mixer. A good stand mixer will come with a big bowl for your ingredients and a range of accessories from whisk to dough hook. Follow the settings and get one step closer to home-baked beauties.

Currys colleague baking tip:

“The secret to a light and fluffy focaccia is a very sticky dough. Using a stand mixer is a lot easier than gluing your hands together! ”

Multi-cookers take the cake…

While the latest series of Bake Off gets us in the mood to knock up a Victoria Sponge, it’s easy to get night sweats over burnt tops or soggy bottoms. But there’s a much easier way to get amazing cake.

Multi-cookers will take on almost any cooking function and that includes baking. All you need to do is create your cake mix, pop it in the multi-cooker and then select baking mode. Twenty plus minutes later, you’ll have perfectly cooked cake.

Depending on what model you go for, there are lots of different molds – so you’ll even be able to tackle anything from a flan to a Bundt cake. Just remember to let it cool before tucking in!

Currys colleague baking tip:

“You can make a delicious pineapple upside down in a multi-cooker. Just add 2 cups of water into the multi-cooker and steam your batter mix for 18 minutes.”

Digital scales take the weight off…

When you’re cooking on the hob, you can throw in a bit of this and a bit of that and (on the whole) it won’t ruin your dinner. Baking is different. A few grams out of one ingredient or another and your fondant will flop.

That’s why it’s important to get things precise. With LCD screens, easy to understand displays and the ability to weigh in all kinds of different units, a digital scale will give your baking a boost. Plus, they’re hygienic and easy to clean should you have any spills.

Currys colleague baking tip:

“Remember to put your mixing bowl on the scales first and then reset the scales to zero. That way, you’ll just get the weight of your ingredients.”

Digital thermometer gets it just right…

Sometimes you only know when something’s perfect when it reaches the right temperature –especially true of homemade marshmallow or fudge. And at these times a finger is definitely not the right tool for the job.

Get a digital thermometer with a long probe. This will allow you to get precise temperatures and let you keep away from the heat. A great digital thermometer also has programmable target temperatures. Plus, it will be able to tell the difference between the temperature of your bake and the surrounding oven.

So, no need to get hot under the collar.

Currys colleague baking tip:

“When you’re making caramel and it comes to a simmer, do not stir it or the mixture will crystalise and ruin the results.

Kitchen inspiration

For more help buying handy kitchen gadgets, take a look at our small appliances buying guide. Alternatively, get baking with some expert advice from our in-store colleagues on ShopLive.

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