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Samsung Galaxy S5 : Is it worth the cash?

If you haven´t already popped out to exchange your hard earned dosh to pick up the gleamingly beautiful Samsung Galaxy S5, then scan your eyes over these 5 awesome features. You might just change your mind...


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Samsung Galaxy S5 went on sale this week and to commemorate the launch we're taking a look at some of its top features.

Stuff gave it a mighty five stars in a review, hailing its "dazzling screen" and its "big camera" among other things.

Here are the 5 top features of the S5 (we've got too many 5s here).

1. THAT beautiful screen...

The S5 has a screen that really is something. Stuff says it's the "best screen of any smartphone yet". It's full HD (1080p), measures 5.1-inches and boasts super AMOLED technology.

Will Findlater, editor-in-chief at Stuff, said: "As is characteristic of the OLED technology that it's based upon, the colours leap off the screen to give a hyper-real effect, and the density of the pixels (as well as Samsung's new approach to its preferred PenTile pixel layout) means the picture always appears crisp."

2. It boasts a great camera and functions...

The Galaxy S5 wowed at launch with an impressive 16MP camera and improved imaging technology. As well as boasting an improved 16MP camera, it also offers the ability to blur the background of an image after you have taken the picture - a feature known as selective focus.

Will at Stuff said the camera was excellent in most situations.

He told Tech Talk: "The Galaxy S5's camera is excellent in most day-to-day situations - take a shot outside and it captures bags of fine detail and vibrant colour".

However, he said the camera "doesn't perform so well in low light".

When it came to shooting video, he said quality is "excellent". He explained: "You probably won't use the super-hi-res 4K mode, but it's a taste of the future."

3. It has awesome fitness features...

The Galaxy S5 is a phone that wants to help you get fit. It includes a heart rate monitor on the back as well as a raft of other fitness features. With the S Health app count your steps as well as monitoring your exercise and what you eat. It can be paired with Samsung's Gear Fit fitness band for full-on training.

But it's the heart rate monitor that has true bragging rights - even if you don't use it that much.

Stuff wrote in its review: "Once accessed through the app it's quick to take readings, requiring only a finger press to the sensor that sits below the rear camera. It's very accurate, too."

However Will at Stuff told TechTalk that "given the placement of the heart rate monitor, we think it's unlikely most users will regularly use it". If you want to use the heart rate monitor for focused training, you should check out instead the Gear Fit.

4. It's waterproof...

Who hasn't dropped a phone in the bath or had a drink spilt over one - or even dropped a phone in a drink on a night out (oops)? The development of waterproof phones is arguably as important as that of waterproof watches - and the Galaxy S5 is both water and dustproof.

It has IP67 waterproofing, but make sure you cover the back panel and port covers before submerging. As Stuff reminds us "No-one wants a soggy battery". Will at Stuff hailed the "robustness of the device" and the "fact it's now water resistant".

5. It runs Android KitKat...

The Samsung Galaxy S5 runs Android KitKat - the latest version of Google's mobile operating system. When Stuff reviewed KitKat it described it as having gone "further and faster than any single previous release" of Android.

Why do people love KitKat? Because it tastes nice (joke). No seriously, the OS looks pretty, is nice to use and takes up less RAM.

But more importantly it makes the best of Google Now - the company's personalised, predictive search service. Stuff says it turns your phone into "one big search tool". Try using it to check out your nearby options for pizza.

Already have your Samsung Galaxy S5? Here are some tips and tricks on how you can get the most out of it.

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