AEG kitchen appliances

Designed and built with perfect style and functionality in mind, AEG appliances are at the forefront of modern kitchen and laundry concepts, uniting the latest cooking, chilling and cleaning technologies with sophisticated design ideals.

Whether you are choosing an AEG fridge freezer , oven, dishwasher or a whole suite of appliances to create a luxurious AEG built-in kitchen, these products demonstrate class and technical refinement in every detail.

Build a smart and sophisticated kitchen with our range of AEG kitchen appliances.



Balancing design harmonics and precision engineering, AEG washing machines, tumble dryers and washer dryers run at near silent noise levels and keep you in control of your cleaning.

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The new AEG refrigeration range features innovative cooling technology and smart design elements for optimum hygienic modern food storage.

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New AEG ovens feature clean-lined design and the latest cooking technologies. AEG MaxiKlasse™ steam ovens offer healthy, professional-style cooking, whilst CuliSense ovens make cooking easy.

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Discover the latest in built-in cooking with AEG hobs. AEG gas on glass hobs bring extra style and simplicity to gas cooking, whilst the latest induction hobs deliver the ultimate in cooking flexibility.

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Running at almost silent noise levels, the latest AEG dishwashers are smart, versatile and powerful, and come in a range of sizes to suit all kitchens.

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AEG promotions

Take a look at our selection of great deals and promotions on the new AEG kitchen appliance range.

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