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When you choose a Neff dishwasher, you do not need to compromise on any of your requirements. Taking into account all different lifestyles, the Neff dishwasher range is practical and stylish.

Neff dishwashers are based around a range of new technologies designed to make them versatile and convenient. So whether you need it for a few dishes after a quiet meal or all the pots and pans after a dinner party, Neff dishwashers are flexible enough to cope with it.

From full-size dishwashers to the practical Neff slimline dishwasher, this range covers all your cleaning bases. VarioFlex® and VarioDrawer technologies are at the heart of this versatility and come featured in the Neff slimline dishwasher, as well as integrated and full-size freestanding options. VarioFlex® gives you flexible loading options, while the VarioDrawer adds an extra level of space.

Further functions such as half load washing, intensive wash, child locks and AquaStop provide all the washing options you could hope for, and with A-rated cleaning Neff dishwashers are as efficient as all their other kitchen appliances.

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Neff dishwashers with VarioFlex® and VarioFlex® Plus baskets allow more efficient cleaning for bulky items.

By folding the racks you can place bigger dishes and pans flat in the basket, allowing spray from all sides to clean more thoroughly.


Designed by Neff to take care of mixed loads, this feature treats glassware sensitively. The AquaVario feature uses a low-pressure spray system to clean delicately but thoroughly.


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