Incredible brightness and contrast that make colours burst to life in exceptional 4K detail


The new standard of brilliance

The new standard of Brilliance

Incredible contrast, real-life colours and exceptional 4K detail. Enjoy our most realistic picture ever, from regular broadcast to 4K HDR content, thanks to unique Sony technologies.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) is a new video signal format that delivers a wider range of brightness and colour.

Films and TV shows look better than ever with HDR, looking true-to-life and bringing realism to your viewing.

4K Clarity

See images at their best as they’re sharpened and refined in real-time. These TVs use advanced noise reduction and upscaling technology, enhancing details and delivering remarkable clarity.

4K Colour

With the TRILUMINOS Display and advanced colour processing, colours look as bright and vivid as they do in real life.

4K Contrast

Every scene looks stunning thanks to brighter highlights, deep blacks and natural tones for viewing with impressive texture and life.

Slice of Living


The 2016 BRAVIA TVs look impressive in any living room thanks to the slim and smart design. The slate shapes and sharp stands leave your viewing free from distraction.

The new range features cable management built into the stand, hiding them from view on all sides. The elegant design looks striking whilst keeping your living room comfortable.

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