3 best laptops for photographers on the go

Aspiring photographer? We put you in the picture with our pick of powerful, portable laptops for editing your photos wherever you end up…

15 Jul 2020

Whether you’re shooting wildlife and landscapes or action shots of your kids at your local skate park – photography is all about capturing the moment. So it makes sense to have a laptop that can double as a portable studio. Snap the action and then get to work editing on location or in a nearby coffee shop.

You also need something powerful enough to get the best from editing software like Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

What to look out for when buying a laptop for photography on the go:

  • Screen size – something big enough for working up-close but small enough to slip in your bag. 14 to 16-inch screens are the sweet spot.
  • Portability – thin and lightweight laptop for carrying in your kitbag all day with durable metal design aluminium and long battery life.
  • Processing power – Photoshop and Lightroom are demanding. Look for Intel Core or AMD Ryzen processors to ensure they run smoothly.
  • RAM – Photoshop does much of its work using your computer’s RAM (internal memory), measured in GB. The higher the number, the better.    
  • SSD – solid-state drives (SSD) are thin, lightweight hard drives that are faster at getting things done. Look for 256GB or above.
  • Screen resolution – when working up-close on photo files, detail is key. Look for laptops with high-resolution screens
  • Connectivity – choose a laptop with an SD card slot for transferring your photos, and USB 3.0 for plugging in your camera

Here are some top picks:


ACER Swift 3 14" Laptop

In a nutshell: – Thin, light but packing 1TB SSD! You'll never have to worry about storing all those epic pics.

Built to keep you going all day long, the ACER Swift 3 is perfect for photo editing on the go. Its AMD Ryzen™ 5 4000 U-Series Mobile Processor is packed with power - allowing you to get 126% faster media editing than on a home PC. And despite this power, it's super light at 1.2 kg - so it slips into your bag without weighing you down.

When you're done cropping, its super sharp Full HD 14" display means every detail looks sharp and defined - so your photos and movies look their best. And BlueLightShield Technology lets you use your screen in comfort for longer.

Check out the ACER Swift 3 14" Laptop


HP Envy X360

In a nutshell: Power you can carry around with a touchscreen flex that's a photographer's dream

If you're flicking between photo editing and other apps, you need the power to keep up. Fortunately the combo of an AMD Ryzen 7 4700U Processor plus a big 16 GB ram means that things stay smooth and seamless. And the 512 GB SSD is plenty of space for your best snaps.

The Full HD touchscreen is great for getting more control over your pics - so you can swipe through your albums and zoom in to your heart's content. And then there's that 360° hinge that lets you go from photo editing laptop to viewing tablet in an instant. Add a big all-day battery, and you've got a laptop that can go with you anywhere. 

Check out the HP Envy 360


Lenovo Yoga Creator 7

In a nutshell: A lightweight power house built to create, edit and share pictures and video.

The combo of Intel® Core™ power processing and dedicated NVIDIA®
graphics works brilliantly with hi-res images on top drawer editing software. And the 13-hour battery means that you can keep tinkering with your top shots without a care in the world.

Its wide 15.6" FHD display makes makes your pictures look great and lets you multitask with ease. And its 512 GB storage means there's plenty of space for your files and software. Plus you can also ask Alexa or Cortana to find that file or play some background music as you work away.

Security features will give you peace of mind wherever you get to - including a fingerprint reader and attention sensors that will lock your screen when you step away for a moment. Clever stuff!

Checkout our wide range of lightweight laptops.

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