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Best vlogging tips

Looking for YouTube superstardom? We’ll get you started…


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So, you’ve got the perfect camera, you’ve shot your first vlog and you’re about to upload it to YouTube. Hang on. Forgotten something? That’s right… editing.

Don’t panic! Vlog editing sounds may sound complicated but it’s easier than you’d think. There are loads of free and affordable vlog video editing apps and software that can do a lot of the hard work for you.

We’ll take you through some of the best and share some vlog editing tips worth their weight in gold.

Ready? Let’s go.

Free video editing tools

One day you’ll make your vlogging millions, but for now here are some free vlog editing apps and software to get you started…

Windows Video Editor

Windows Movie Maker was one of the most popular free editing tools around. Unfortunately, it was recently discontinued. But don’t despair. Microsoft have replaced it with a new app within Photos called Video Editor. It does all the basics plus a few more tricks – including trimming video clips, adding transitions and overlaying emojis.

Video Editor tip:

Trim your video by clicking on the Edit & Create tab. Then select Trim and make your selection on the playback bar. You’ll then be able to keep that section by selecting Save a copy.

iMovie video editing

If you have a Mac, you’ll have access to iMovie video editing. It provides great free vlog editing software for Macs and is fairly simple to pick up and use. It does everything you’d expect, plus includes nifty features like an Instant Replay effect and a lot of scope to tinker with audio to get your sounding perfect.

iMovie editing tip:

You don’t need to zoom in when shooting your movie. You can do that here – especially if you’ve filmed it on your iPhone with all those megapixels going spare! All you need to highlight the area you want to zoom in on and then select Crop to Fill. Simple.

Paid video editing tools

Free is great, but upgrade to paid and you’ll get a whole host of features that will justify the price. Here’s two of the best examples of paid video editing software…

Pinnacle Studio video editing

Pinnacle Studio video editing lets you take your vlogs to the next level. There’s support for 4K, you can share online directly from the app and there’s even a tutorial to get you started. Plus, there are tons of effects and transitions that could help your vlogs stand out from the crowd.

Pinnacle Studio video editing tip:

Did you know that you can edit 360 video in Pinnacle? Import your video as you would any other and you can trim the video or add a title or object.

Cyberlink PowerDirector

A really highly rated tool, Cyberlink PowerDirector video editing gives you the ability to do multi-camera editing, 3D and 4K. If you’re running a gaming channel, you can also use its handy screen recording. Then edit quickly, render fast and upload to your channel in a flash. There are also plenty of video tutorials dotted throughout.

Cyberlink PowerDirector tip:

PowerDirector starts each project with sample files included – which can get cluttered. To turn off this feature go to Edit > Preferences > Project. Then untick the Automatically load sample clips box.

So, that's software covered. To get your vlogging started, check out our ultimate guide.

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