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Make your fridge the centrepiece of the kitchen

Looking for kitchen inspiration? Make your fridge a talking point by investing in some cool new features…


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Who said a fridge was purely functional? These ultra-modern fridge freezers serve far more than their practical purpose. In fact, they’re so cool they might even become the talking point of your kitchen.

From the super-savvy American-style model from LG, to the more affordable but no less stylish graphite fridge from Hotpoint, prepare to discover how just how cool your fridge could be…

InstaView Door-in-Door™

Are you a late-night snacker? Guilty.

Enjoy your fridge-side grazing minus the chill factor with the LG InstaView Fridge Freezer. Fitted with a sleek glass panel, this stylish fridge is more than just a looker. Two quick knocks will light up the glass, so you can see inside without catching a cold.

And as if that wasn’t cool enough, this smart feature will also help reduce cold air loss, saving energy and keeping your food fresher for longer.


Have you noticed food at the back of your fridge stays cooler than in the door? Not anymore.

With LG DoorCooling+™, that milk you keep on the in-door shelves will be cooled 19.7% faster than it would be by a conventional cooling system.

But that doesn’t mean only your milk will be cooler. This ingenious system reduces temperature gaps throughout the fridge, giving you even cooling from top to bottom.

Chilled water and ice on demand

No ice-tray? No problem. All your party-needs are in hand with a built-in ice dispenser. And why waste valuable fridge space on cooling your water filter when you could have chilled water on tap?

That said, don’t forget that the LG Slim InstaView American-Style Fridge will require plumbing to get that water flowing.

Find all these features in the LG Slim InstaView American-Style Smart Fridge Freezer and make your fridge the talk of the party!

Keep your food fresh for longer

Wave goodbye to waste with Hotpoint’s Class 5 Day1 Fridge Freezer. This forward-thinking fridge is equipped with humidity-controlled Fresh Zone+ – inbuilt dry-cooling technology to help preserve your fruit and veg right through to the next time you shop.

There’s even a Fresh Zone drawer, perfectly designed to keep your meat and fish chilled to the right temperature.

So say goodbye to mouldy veg and emergency mid-week shops and hello to food that stays fresh for longer.

Handy storage solutions

Struggling to reach that bar of chocolate at the back of the fridge?

Save the stretching with shelves that slide out up to 7cm, helping you reach your treats no matter what shelf they’re on.

And the storage solutions don’t end there. Hotpoint’s Day1 Fridge Freezer is also fitted with adjustable door dividers, giving you endless storage options so you can organise your shopping without limits.

Frost-free design

Tired of manually defrosting your fridge freezer?

Cleaning out your fridge has never been easier with Hotpoint’s Total No Frost feature. Designed to prevent the build-up of frost and ice, it means one less chore to do.

Fridges don’t get cooler than that!

The Hotpoint H5X 820 SX Fridge Freezer is an absolute steal – and it’s not bad to look at either.

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