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Tips on getting your garden into shape

It’s time to prepare your outdoors for the summer months…


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If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, it can be a great place to chill out and relax in during the summer. So, let us give you a few tips on turning it into a place where you’ll want to spend some quality time.

The big clean-up

Okay, so you haven’t actually been out in the garden since you let off a few fireworks last November… we understand. It just means your first job is to have a thorough clean up and clear out, that’s all.

To start with, collect all those branches, scattered sticks, stalks (and fireworks) that have fallen to the ground over the last few months. Then lift any clumps of dead plants from your garden beds. It’s important to clear all this stuff away, as it can allow bacteria to infect your plants.

Now rake up the smaller debris like leaves and twigs from your garden beds and lawn. Once that’s done, have a breather and give yourself a pat on the back. Your garden’s starting to look better already.

Take care of the lawn

If you haven’t cut the lawn yet this year, it’s time for the lawnmower. Just give the grass a light cut for starters, keeping your blades on its highest settings.

If there are any bare patches on your lawn, now’s a good time to sort it out. In fact, April’s the best month for sowing, as it gives your new lawn plenty of time to establish itself before summer. So, sprinkle some soil over bare areas and add some grass seed and fertilizer. Then keep it well watered as the weather warms.

Tech expert tip: If your lawn’s going to have a lot of people walking on it – or kids playing on it – be sure to use a hard-wearing seed mix.

Get pruning and trimming

After a wet and windy winter, a lot of your plants, trees and hedges will need trimming back into shape. Start by pruning roses, small bushes and other unruly plants. Cut the stems right back, and you’ll see a strong new growth in the coming months.

Now go onto the bigger stuff. Get a good hedge trimmer, and clip away any dead or dying branches from your hedges and trees. You should also cut back any branches that are starting to encroach onto paths or the lawn. This allows more sunlight to into your garden, and gets more air into your trees and bigger plants.

Start planting

Fancy growing some flowers or veg in the garden this year? It’s not too late to get started. The first thing you’ll need to do is some serious weeding. Remove as many as you can by hand or with a trowel, and use weed killer for the rest. Get rid of any dead annual plants you come across too.

When you’ve got your garden free of weeds, feed it with fertiliser and a thick layer of mulch. This helps your garden retain moisture, and it also stops future weeds from reappearing.

Now get planting. Flowers need room to grow, so make sure you plant them far enough apart. If you’re growing any veg, prepare the beds by forking in plenty of garden compost or well-rotted manure.

Tech expert tip: If you’re going to be adding lots of new plants to your garden, make a sketch and plan everything out beforehand.

Give your garden furniture some TLC

Your garden furniture has either been outside braving the elements or gathering dust in the shed for the last few months. So you’ll need to show it some love before you start using it again.

Plastic garden furniture is pretty easy to clean with warm soapy water and a sponge. If your furniture’s made of timber, give it a clean and then apply wood oil. This will protect it from the weather, and help it to last longer.

Now take a seat, pour yourself a cool drink, and enjoy the view of your garden. If the weather’s looking good, you might even want to think about firing up the BBQ and sticking a few burgers on.

Need any help?

Need more advice on buying the best equipment for your garden? Head to ShopLive and have a video chat with our tech experts. They’re always happy to help.

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