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5 things you should know about Alexa

Make your everyday much easier with these top Alexa tips


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If you’ve been at a party where someone had Amazon Alexa, you’d be forgiven for thinking that she’s basically just a tiny, grey DJ. But Alexa is a whole lot smarter than that!

She can be anything from a lifestyle guru to expert chef – always ready to help wherever you need her in the house. In fact there’s very little she can’t do – but we’ve put together 5 useful things you should know about Alexa. Just to get you started!

1. She’s clever in the kitchen

If you’re tired of recipe books constantly messed up with floury hands, Alexa can be a godsend. Alexa can look up recipes, convert measures and much more. Not sure how to get the perfect roast turkey? Ask Alexa and you can cook along with a handy step-by-step video.

If your kitchen is crammed with smart appliances, they can be controlled from Alexa too. Thanks to Alexa Skills, you can hook he up to devices. So, you whether want to start a washing cycle or put some coffee on, Alexa can be the prefect pair of helping hands. Need some milk? Just ask Alexa to stick it on the list for your next grocery shop.

2. Alexa Routines your day

Trying to fit everything into your day can be a massive challenge. To do lists can be handy – but there’s a much smarter way to get everything done. Alexa Routines allows you to automate everyday tasks that you need doing but don’t want to have to think about.

For example, you can set up an Alexa Routine to set an alarm, turn the lights up, turn on the heating and start the day with your favourite song. In the same way, you could say “Alexa, good night” and she’ll turn down the lights, playing some sleeping sounds and ensure you’re not disturbed.

These Routines are simple to set up and can be used for so many things: whether it’s a reminder to walk the dog, water the plants or when you say “Alexa, the floor is dirty” your robo vacuum cleaner gets to work!

3. Your very own personal trainer

Want to get more exercise indoors? Alexa can help with that. Ask Alexa for a workout video and set a timer to remind you when it’s time for a workout. And it’s not just about looking after your body. Give your mind a refresh with breathing tips and meditation. And after a long day, there are loads of programs and sleep sounds to help you fall asleep quicker. Alexa is a wellbeing wizz!

4. Keeping you super secure

Did you know that Alexa can help lock things down too? Not only can you hook her up to your smart security system, but you can do little things to protect your privacy. For example? You can turn off the cameras and microphones on your Amazon devices when you're not using them. You can also change Alexa's wake word to something you’re less likely to say (or something similar) regularly. You can also go into Alexa's settings and set up a pin for purchases – so you're not hit with a nasty bill.

5. Never lose your phone again

Hands up who puts their first down around the house and then can’t find it? Everybody? Yes. It’s a little thing but think of the amount of time wasted and annoyance tracking it down each time. Skip all that with Alexa. Once you’ve verified your phone number on the Alexa app, you can just say “Alexa, find my phone!” and your phone will be called – allowing you to track it down with minimal fuss. Even if it’s trapped between two cushions… which it almost always is!

Get your Amazon Echo today and make friends with Alexa.

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