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June 2024 - the hottest tech news

AI on iPhones, dog language translators and lots more…


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Welcome to your round-up of June’s hottest tech news. Any iPhone owners out there? Then let’s start with Apple’s major new AI announcement…

Apple brings ChatGPT to iPhones

Apple fans, prepare yourselves. ChatGPT is coming to iPhones! That's right, the renowned AI chatbot by OpenAI will be available when iOS 18 (Apple’s latest mobile operating system) lands later this year, as part of the Apple Intelligence system. This integration means you can access ChatGPT's impressive language skills directly from your iPhone, making your digital life even smoother and more intuitive. Imagine having a personal assistant that's not just smart, but can engage in lively, human-like conversations. Need a witty response for a text? Want help brainstorming your next big idea? You’ll be able do it on iPhone soon.

Scientists are using AI to translate doggy language

Ever wished you could understand what your furry friend is barking about? Thanks to some clever boffins and some AI magic, that dream might soon be a reality. Researchers are harnessing artificial intelligence to decode doggy language, aiming to translate those woofs and barks into something we can understand. This isn't just about satisfying our curiosity—it's a potential breakthrough for improving the lives of pets and their owners. By interpreting their moods and needs more accurately, we can care for them better. So, next time Bailey the Shih Tzu barks at a delivery person, you might get a real explanation instead of a puzzled look.

You can now edit sent Android texts

Ever sent a text and immediately wished you could take it back? If you’re an Android user, there’s now a way to save this sticky situation - you can now edit sent messages. No more fretting over embarrassing typos, last-minute changes of heart or messages sent in anger. This feature is rolling out with the latest updates, making editing a sent text as simple as holding down the message and hitting the edit option. So text away with confidence—Android’s got your back. Just as long as you edit it before it gets read, right?

Can’t make the Zoom meeting? Send your Avatar

Imagine this. You’re double-booked but still need to attend that Zoom meeting. Or you simply can’t be bothered. What do you do? Well, why not send along your AI avatar? Zoom is stepping into the future by letting you create and dispatch digital versions of yourself to meetings. These avatars are more than just placeholders - they can interact as if you were there. So next time you're swamped, let your avatar handle the meeting while you catch up on other tasks/sleep.

Will this new tech mean the end of Lithium batteries?

Lithium-ion batteries be getting some serious competition in the form of sodium-ion batteries - a groundbreaking alternative that could change everything. Researchers are buzzing about this new tech, which promises ultra-fast charging times. For example, plugging in your electric vehicle and having it charged in mere seconds. Sodium is far more abundant and cheaper than lithium, which means it could also be a game-changer for the planet. Companies like TDK are already jumping on board with solid-state versions of these batteries, so the future’s looking salty!

We’ll be back next month with a round-up of July’s hottest tech news. See you then.

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