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Create and game with serious performance with the Intel® Core i7-4790K 1150 Processor. Hyper-Threading Intel® Hyper-Threading doubles the amount of tasks the processor can handle. Each core can process two threads of information at once,... Find out more
Unlocked for overclocking, the AMD FX-8370 Black Edition CPU delivers the speed you need for high-end gaming and professional media creation. This octa-core desktop processor features Turbo Core technology that helps to boost processing speeds... Find out more
From gaming to professional design, the Intel® Core™ i7-4790 Processor is built for high performance computing.Hyper-ThreadingIntel® Hyper-Threading doubles up the amount of tasks the processor can handle. Each core can process two threads... Find out more
Take your PC's performance to new heights or build a powerful PC from scratch with the AMD FX 8350 AM3+ Black Edition Processor. 8-Core Multitasking With 8 cores working in unison the FX 8350 Black Edition gives market leading performance to... Find out more
Combining processing and graphics units on a single chipset, the AMD A8 7650K Black Edition APU delivers speedy processing alongside great-quality visuals. The AMD A8 7650K APU features Turbo Core 3.0 technology that boosts the processing speed... Find out more
The AMD A6 7400K APU lets you play harder and work smarter.Accelerated processing unitStay more productive with the AMD A6 7400K, which runs quickly and efficiently thanks to a high 3.9 GHz clock speed.An accelerated processing unit (APU) combines... Find out more
Featuring integrated HD graphics, the Intel® Core™ i3-4160 Processor is ideal for multitasking on your desktop PC. The Core™ i3-4160 features Hyper-Threading technology, which makes use of both cores to make multitasking fast and... Find out more

Want a computer that runs at top speed? Then you need a powerful processor. Processors are the brains of our computers, tablets, netbooks and laptops. The more powerful a processor, the more programmes, apps and web-based tasks you can perform with ease, whether it’s for work, study or play.

Today’s processors are smaller and more powerful than ever, capable of handling the busiest lifestyles and most demanding of software. Intel® Core™ processors are the most well known, but AMD and Asus processors also deliver serious computing power. It’s not just computing speed that’s improved by a processor upgrade, but graphics performance, 3D rendering, and battery life too. Gaming, streaming, creating music, editing photos – multi-tasking is smooth and simple.

The latest 5th Generation Intel® Core™ processors deliver up to 223% faster processing than Intel® Celeron™ processors, with Intel® Turbo Boost 2.0 to give an extra boost of speed when you need it. Energy efficient Intel® Core™ M processors are designed to deliver ultra-fast processing for mobile devices, with built-in security and razor thin design.

For work, play, study or media creation, our speedy processors help you handle any job, fast. To see what else we can do to improve your computer’s performance, check out our full range of components and upgrades too.

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