Tumble Dryers Buying Guide

When it comes to which tumble dryer is best for you, our guide explains the standout features and technologies to consider.

Learn about the importance of sensor drying, adjustable temperatures and condenser, vented and heat pump models. Compare the range of drying programmes on each appliance to find the one that best cares for your clothes. Energy efficiency is an important factor for saving on household bills and reducing your environmental impact.

Most tumble dryers feature a filter - often inside the door - which collects stray fibres and must be regularly cleaned to maintain best drying performance. Look out for the Our Experts Love Logo when shopping. These tumble dryers have been hand-picked by our experts and showcase the most exciting and useful features available across all price brackets.

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Vented, Condenser and Heat Pump Dryers

Vented tumble dryers work by expelling warm, damp air through a hose and out of an open window or a vent installed in an external wall. They are generally more affordable than condenser models. Vented tumble dryers need to be positioned by a window, door or external wall to dispose of the damp air, so you will need to either have an external vent fitted in the wall or hang the hose out of the window.
Condenser tumble dryers don’t require an externally-vented hose, so you’ll enjoy the freedom of installing them wherever you want, provided the room is well-ventilated. The water removed from your clothes is collected in a container, which must be removed and emptied regularly. On some models, excess water is pumped out using the washing machine plumbing where suitable.
Heat pump tumble dryers use heat pump technology and are the most energy-efficient condenser dryers on the market. By using a lower drying temperature, they use consume less electricity and save money on your household bills. They are also very gentle on your clothes and extremely quiet.

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