Washer dryers buying guide

When it comes to which washer dryer is best, our guide will help you understand the importance of capacity, why spin speed can make that little bit of difference, and why energy ratings will cut costs.

Washer dryers are now much more energy efficient than they used to be, and if you haven’t got room for a separate tumble dryer then a washer dryer could be the option for you.

When considering which washer dryer to buy, special programmes can make a difference and we will explain why half load and quick wash can become an integral part of washing. Click below to understand the key technologies and take a look at our washer dryers range.

Filling a washing machine

Wash & Dry capacity

Capacity is simple when it comes to washer dryers, the bigger the drum, the more you can wash. A 1kg capacity is roughly equivalent to an outfit, including: a pair of trousers, top, underwear and socks.

All washer dryers offer a larger wash capacity than dry capacity, our range varies from 5 kg wash capacity and 2.5 kg dry capacity through to a huge 10 kg wash capacity and 7 kg dry capacity.

Spin speed

The faster the spin speed the drier your clothes will be because the washer dryer will extract more water. This means your clothes will contain less moisture and reduce the time needed to use the drying programmes on your machine.

Spin speed is measured simply by revolutions per minute (rpm) from 1000 to 1600 rpm. If getting your clothes dry as quickly as possible in a washer dryer is important, then you need to consider the spin speed.

Quick wash

The quick wash feature allows you to wash & dry a small load quickly with some taking just 45 minutes. This is ideal if you are in a hurry to wash and wear your favourite clothes.

Noise level

Our machines range from 47 dB(A) to 66 dB(A) with any machine under 50 dB(A) making approximately the same noise as a refrigerator humming.

A quiet washer dryer can be crucial in open plan living or beneficial when it comes to late night washing or watching your favourite TV programme, preventing unnecessary distractions.

Energy rating

Washer dryers are much more energy efficient than they used to be. Our appliances are energy rated from A to C, depending on their electricity consumption and water usage.

Sensor drying also helps cut down energy costs by turning the machine off automatically when the clothes are dry, preventing wasted energy.

Other programmes to look for...

Gentle wash

  • Useful for lingerie or silk garments.
  • Keeps garments in same condition.
  • More efficient for keeping clothes clean.
  • Drums designed for most effective wash of delicates.
  • Different brands have different drum designs.

Quiet performing

  • Delivering quiet performance to minimise disturbance.
  • Ideal for open plan living, lessening noise.
  • Look for whisper-quiet motors or anti-vibration design.
  • Machines under 50dB run at approximately the same level of noise as a fridge.

Intelligent systems

  • Adjusts water to exactly the amount needed for the load.
  • Some machines automatically dose detergent for you.
  • Can save you money on your utility bills.
  • Optimises cycle by balancing detergent to water consumption.

Sensor drying

  • Detects when clothes are dry and stops the cycle.
  • Some tumble dryers have a ready to wear option.
  • Turns machine off when done, saving you money.

Steam programming

  • Allow you to quickly refresh your wash
  • Ideal for removing allergens
  • Reduces creasing
  • Removes odours
  • Some steam programmes can cater for dry clean only garments

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