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Keep your food chilled, frozen and fresher for longer with Bosch refrigerators. You'll also never worry about defrosting the freezer again. The NoFrost system prevents the buildup of ice by automatically initiating the defrost operation only when it’s needed, helping to maintain energy efficiency.

Bosch Built-in fridge freezers

Built In Fridge Freezers

Bosch Built in Fridge freezers blend into your kitchen seamlessly.

Bosch built in fridges

Built In Fridges

Whether it is an undercounter fridge you are looking for or a Tall integrated Fridge our range of built in fridges offer optimum cooling performance situated harmoniously within your kitchen design.

Bosch built in freezers

Built In Freezers

Built In Freezers - Bosch Integrated Freezers come in a variety of sizes, configurations and hinges to offer the perfect solution for your kitchen.

bosch large capacity fridges

Freestanding Fridges

Bosch freestanding fridges without freezers are cheaper to run than models with freezers as they require less energy. Add to this the expanded space you have for keeping your food fresh and you have the ideal fridge for those with a separate freezer.

bosch free standing fridge freezers

Freestanding Fridge Freezers

Bosch freestanding fridge freezers combine cutting-edge technology with contemporary style that puts your fridge-freezer at the centre of your kitchen.


Bosch’s VitaFresh System is able to keep food fresher for longer by maintaining the temperature and the correct humidity level, nutrients and vitamins in your food are protected so it stays fresh longer enabling you and your family to eat fresh every day.


Bosch’s NoFrost Feature means you’ll never have to manually defrost your food again, no more wasted food and lost time scraping the ice from your freezer. The sensors built into your Bosch Freezer will monitor the condensation and before it has a chance to turn to ice it’s removed.

bosch big box coolers


Bosch freezers have a BigBox, this is an extra deep drawer for Frozen food. This enables you to stack more frozen foods like pizza, ice cream or even a whole chicken in your freezer.