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Discover the Medion range

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German Brand – EST 1983


Part of the LENOVO Group


2-year warranty


UK Customer Service

Gear up with the ERAZER ® gaming range and erase the competition!

MEDION ® is a German company that has been part of the Lenovo group, the largest PC manufacturer in the world since 2011. The gaming products in our ERAZER range boast powerful high-end hardware with state-of-the-art technology and a wealth of special features to meet the demands of extreme gamers. With different configurations, whether as a high-performance PC or a powerful notebook, our products can be perfectly tailored to individual requirements.

ERAZER gaming laptops and desktops are put through stringent testing to ensure you receive a quality product. All products are backed up with a 2-year MEDION ® warranty.

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ERAZER ® Beast X30

The gaming power of a desktop system all neatly packed in an elegant notebook case: introducing the powerful Beast X30 high-end gaming notebooks.
Powerful processors and fast graphics cards make the Beast X30 a real titan of gaming.


ERAZER ® Defender P20

If you are looking for a notebook for occasional gaming, the ERAZER Defender P20 is a 17-inch gaming machine at an attractive price. The NVIDIA ® GeForce ® RTX 3060 graphics card and the Intel ® Core i7 processor bring a feel-good flow to your gaming session.


ERAZER ® Specialist P10

Working by day and gaming by night? The ERAZER Specialist P10 is the ideal core gaming notebook for optimum flexibility. It is the perfect size to be mobile enough to work or study anywhere but still has enough performance to power any gaming session.


ERAZER ® Engineer X10

Performance is everything when it comes to gaming – which is why powerful components are all carefully hand-picked for the ERAZER Engineer X10 high-end gaming PC. Only the best components are selected in the Engineer X10 giving you a competitive edge over your enemies in your favourite games.