Types of projector

A Home Cinema projector can display Full HD resolutions just like a TV. Perfect for projecting large, crisp images, Home Cinema projectors can connect to your existing set top box and speaker setup.

A portable projector is small and lightweight enough to fit into the palm of your hand. Sometimes called ‘Pico’ projectors, Portable projectors have built in batteries so that you can easily watch films or give a presentation wherever you are.

Designed for professional and school environments, Office projectors will suit those who need to present a talk or give a presentation. They include various ports for connecting external devices like speakers or laptops and they project bright, clear images in a variety of lighting conditions.

Things to consider when buying a projector


Projectors can connect to set top boxes, Blu-ray players and streaming devices, as well as laptops, tablets, phones and games consoles. Enjoy enhanced audio by connecting sound bars, speakers or headphones.


Any HDMI device can be connected to a projector with a HDMI port - this includes set top boxes, Blu-ray players, streaming devices (like Chromecast, Fire TV or Apple TV), games consoles or laptops.

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A VGA (Video Graphics Array) port lets you connect your projector to many laptops.

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Most projectors can read content from USB drives, which is perfect for displaying photos or movies from your portable hard drives or streaming devices like Chromecast or Fire TV. Some projectors can be charged from a powered USB A or B port, or let you power up a phone or tablet while you watch or present.

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3.5mm jack

The 3.5mm jack is just like the headphone port on your laptop or phone. It lets you connect compatible desktop speakers, a portable speaker or pair of headphones.


Some projectors with Bluetooth can wirelessly connect to compatible speakers or headphones. Enhance your home cinema experience by connecting to a wireless sound bar or speaker. Watch a film without disturbing anyone by connecting a pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones.

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