Want to track a delivery or installation by Currys PC World?

If we are visiting you today
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Want to track a delivery by one or our partners?

You can find out who's delivering your products by checking your order confirmation. if your kit is being delivered by:

Royal Mail
Example reference: JVNNNNNNNNNGB
Go to Royal Mail tracker
Example reference: 1550 NNNN NNN NNN
Go to DPD tracker
UK Mail
Example reference: M762048NNNNNN
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Other suppliers

Example reference: Begins with 49

Please visit our Contact us page, look for the Need help button, click it and you will be able to chat to one of our team who will be able to help.

If you’ve booked a repair from Carphone Warehouse, you can track it on the Carphone Warehouse repair tracking page
Go to Carphone Warehouse tracker