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A modem router is an essential piece of kit if you want to get online wirelessly. Providing a reliably strong broadband and WiFi connection throughout your home or office, modem routers allow you to get online with ease, wherever you are. By plugging a router into your phone socket, you are hooked up to your broadband network. The router then shares a solid WiFi connection with all of your nearby devices, whether it’s your PC, laptop, MacBook, Smart TV, smartphone or tablet.

If you want to access the internet at home without having to plug all of your devices in via Ethernet cables, then you’ll need a modem router. A good router will make it easy to connect to your broadband network, however many devices you want to use. Our range includes the latest routers from Asus, TP-Link and Netgear, and all allow you to plug in and connect in seconds, without the need for a PC or laptop.

Featuring multiple connectivity options, including Ethernet ports and USB ports, you’re free to connect your devices in any way you want. To meet your needs for browsing, gaming, music and video streaming and more, a good router will help you achieve as strong and reliable a WiFi signal as possible, around the home. Today’s routers incorporate the latest advances to keep your home’s WiFi connection as fast and stable as possible, including 802.11ac models for the world’s fastest WiFi, three times faster than 802.11n.

Many of the latest modem routers feature Beamforming technology, which focuses the signal directly to your devices, resulting in faster connectivity. Dual-band and Tri-Band routers keep you connected and virtually immune to interference from appliances, and ensure a constantly smooth connection, no matter how many devices you’re using at the same time.

For some of the fastest performing router options, see our Netgear router range, and for more ways to connect multiple devices view all of our network switches.

You know how annoying it is when you’re in the middle of something important (read: watching your team get thrashed by minnows) and, without warning, you suddenly lose internet connection? Yeah, we don’t think that’ll be a problem anymore. Not with our modem routers. Whether you go with ASUS, TP-Link or another brand of your choosing, our varied line-up has been carefully picked to meet your internet needs. So, if you’re considering an upgrade to a super speedy fibre optic cable or you’d like the hassle-free wireless connectivity of Wi-Fi, this range promises to deliver.

What to look out for when choosing your modem routers? To start, consider your usage. If you’re looking for a device to support high internet use, why not look at some Draytex options. Try one of its dual-band Wi-Fi modem routers: with two different connections to suit all your requirements – 2.4GHz for everyday and 5GHz for demanding, high-intensity performance – a smooth, uninterrupted experience is guaranteed. There’s also the ethernet, wireless and USB ports, plus compatibility with 4G, for a truly versatile device that’ll fit seamlessly into your home. And with parental controls and guest access built in (which essentially blocks access to your complete network as an additional safety measure), these modem routers ensure there’s no need to worry about insecure online connections and inappropriate content.

Of course, our modem routers are great for more than just browsing the internet. Using the USB ports, you can connect external gadgets like scanners and hard drives and link them with all your networked devices. And, using the powers of Wi-Fi, you can go (virtually) cable-free. Add a wireless printer to your network and print documents direct from your smart phone. Yep, thanks to these modem routers, life just got a whole lot simpler.

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