Our range of ovens suit the cooking requirements of everyone. Whether you simply want to reheat or defrost and cook, or if you want to bake for an entire dinner party, you’ll find there’s an oven that will become your best friend in the kitchen. Imagine having the ability to bake mouth-watering cakes, wow with a soufflé, or serve up a perfect roast lunch with all the trimmings – saving time and energy – well now you can!

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Across the range of Panasonic ovens you’ll discover a wealth of extra features designed to make life much easier. Auto programs take the guesswork out of perfect cooking, Turbo Reheat boosts Microwave power, ideal for reheating foods and Chaos Defrost speeds up defrosting times with a special process that means no more part cooked food with frozen areas in the middle.


The Flatbed design gives you more usable space and provides greater flexibility on the size and shape of dishes that you can use. Furthermore, with the NN-CF778S, the drop-down door can be used as a convenient shelf, when removing dishes from the oven. Flatbed combination microwaves can be easily cleaned thanks to a catalytic self clean lining at the back. The special enamel lining is very hard wearing, easy to clean and will not discolour. The catalytic self cleaning at the back plate takes place when the convection oven is in use and is performed as a continuous process so there is no build up of food or grease. In convection mode, the two shelves provide all the versatility of a traditional oven - perfect for batch baking or cooking large dishes of food that would not normally fit on the turntable.


You’ll find Panasonic’s Inverter technology on most of our microwave models. This gives constant energy on medium and low power settings (instead of switching on and off as traditional microwave ovens do) - providing the perfect, even cooking process for your food whilst saving energy. Ovens with Inverter technology weigh approximately 3kg less than a traditional oven - easy to move for cleaning! Inverter technology is available on NN-CF778S, NN-CT569M, NN-CT559W and NN-ST479S.


Space in your kitchen is always at a premium - especially when preparing ingredients. Designed with a fan in the roof of the oven - above the grill, to allow hot air to circulate around the cavity, creating convection heat from the top down. Our stylish slimline ovens offer the benefits of a basic combination oven, but with a smaller ‘footprint’ - up to 20% with selected models (NN-CT569M & NN-CT559W).

Why not visit the Panasonic Ideas Kitchen community website for expert cooking advice on how to make the most of your Panasonic microwave oven and video recipes by a top chef.

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Award Winning Flatbed Combination Oven, Large Dish Capacity, Drop Down Door

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  • Family size 27 Litre Capacity
  • Fan Assisted Convection Oven
  • 2 Shelf Cooking
  • Inverter Technology
  • Energy Save
  • Chaos Defrost
  • Stainless Steel Design
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The ultimate in cooking performance - Panasonic NN-CF778S with turntable-free flatbed design gives you more usable space, providing greater flexibility on the size and shape of dishes you can use. It combines the efficiency of a microwave with the traditional browning and roasting of a conventional oven. Roasting a whole chicken takes half the time, saving 25% energy compared to a conventional oven. A drop down door and two shelf cooking provides all the versatility of a traditional oven, perfect for cooking with large dishes. Also features catalytic clean, chaos defrost and inverter technology.


Compact Design Microwave & Grill with Touch Panel Control for Easy Operation

Compact Design Microwave
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  • 20 Litre Capacity
  • 800W Microwave Power Output
  • 1000W Grill Power
  • Auto Defrost
  • 9 Auto Programs
  • Energy Save
  • Metallic Silver Finish
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Grill with Touch Panel

Panasonic NN-K181M crisps and toasts like an ordinary grill but with all the benefits of a microwave oven.

With three different ways to cook available (microwave only, grill only and grill with microwave), you can effortlessly cook and brown food to produce delicious and appetising dishes such as macaroni cheese, lasagne and pizza.


Microwave Oven with Auto Sensor & Inverter Technology

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  • Family Size 27 Litre Capacity
  • Inverter Technology
  • Sensor Cook
  • 900W Power Output
  • Chaos Defrost / Turbo Reheat
  • Energy Save
  • Durable Stainless Steel Interior & Exterior
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The Auto Sensor function on Panasonic NN-ST479S takes the guesswork out of cooking by calculating the cooking time for you. There is no need to enter the power, time or weight just select the food and press start. Cooking and reheating food have never been so easy.

It also features the Inverter technology which gives constant energy on medium and low power settings, enabling more even cooking results as well as more stable defrosting through Chaos Defrost.